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Filed By Alex Blaze | March 30, 2007 7:30 AM | comments

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Here are some stories that we didn't get to at bilerico this past week:

  • Tennis star Billie Jean King endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. (Boston Herald)

  • The Parti Quebecois's first openly gay leader, Andre Boisclair, lost his job after the PQ lost support in the popular vote. Well, I still think he's hot. (The Globe and Mail)

  • John McCain's MySpace page was "hacked." Well, not hacked. More like "defaced." Well, not defaced, more like "made fabulous". McCain's page used a template and graphics from someone without permission. So the owner changed the graphic to say that McCain supported same-sex marriage. And not even so much as a "thank you" out of McCain. (Towle Road)

  • A constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality was defeated in the New Hampshire House. By a 2-1 margin. When it needed 60% of the vote to pass. As in, don't expect it to pass in the Granite State any time soon. (Union-Leader)

  • Lookit! Lookit what Pam Spaulding found! Lookit! Come on, are you looking? Lookit! (It's the racist, homophobic "wango tango" Army recruiter email, and you can just say "Yeah, Alex, I'm looking," and I'll be happy.) (Pam's House Blend)

  • Jews at forefront of gay rights in Washington state. They're not doing too shabby in Indiana either.... (JTNews)

  • In Florida, an FTM transman's ex-husband tried to get out of alimony after the former's transition Tuesday by saying that forcing the ex-husband to pay alimony would be recognizing same-sex marriage. But on Thursday the judge ruled that since Florida only recognizes one's birth sex, that the transman is still legally a woman, name-change or not, so the alimony sticks. (St. Petersburg Times)

  • The Largo city council is now dotting their i's and crossing their t's on Steven Stanton's firing by doing what everyone who fires someone for discriminatory reasons should know to do by now: make up incompetence. (365gay)

  • Arkansas's ban on gays, lesbians, and fornicating heterosexual foster parents was defeated in the House. Apparently somebody thought of the children. (Northwest Arkansas News)

  • And, no, Mark Foley isn't dead. He just needs a place to lay low for a while. (The Blotter)

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