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TVC stupidity.jpgThe inapproptiately named Traditional Values Coalition has a comic up about John Conyers' hate crimes bill. You know, the one that doesn't actually make enhancements for hate crimes but adds sexuality and gender identity to the already existing law. (I shrank it because it's big and moronic. Click to enlarge.)

Now, nothing new here, making light of a serious topic when it relates to the gays to make it seem unimportant. For the people who care about the TVC, gay already means frivolous, so all they have to do is reify that assumption to get some more support for anti-gay legislation. Well, not really note-worthy except for this little part of the comic:tvc image.JPG

This image has obviously been photoshopped to make it seem like a baby is being forced to look at a man's penis (wait, wouldn't Dobson actually like that?), and I don't even know what he's doing there.

But one thing that gets me is that this guy's picture was probably not used with permission from the source. Hear me out: Would anyone who works for the TVC pose like that? No way. If they did take the picture themselves, then why didn't they actually take one with the baby in there or get something that was a little more incriminating? Because they most likely didn't take it. They wouldn't have had to have photoshopped a picture so crudely if they themselves took it. So did they get it from someone else? Well, they don't credit a source. At all.

Since a lot of intelligent and diligent people read this blog, could anyone help me with doing a little digging to find out where this came from? I'm doing my part, but the more people looking the better. I think that someone out there would like to know if a photo of him at a party is being used to take away rights from queer people, especially since he might be gay (we really don't know). I mean, remember how USA Next misused a photo of a gay couple to attack the AARP? I would not be surprised to find the TVC doing the same thing.

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