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Filed By Alex Blaze | March 28, 2007 8:54 AM | comments

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If you knew for certain that the Republican candidate for president would win the general election, who would you support in the primary right now?

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Does Scott Keller count?

No way I'd go for McCain. He's dangerously crazy, I think. Romney and Brownback - uh, no thanks. (I was appalled to see that Todd Rokita was sponsoring a Romney meet&greet in Indy!

So I guess it Guilianni, but not because I want to. Only cuz he's left over. He wasn't very popular or well liked before 9/11 and I have some serious concerns about his willingness to accept corruption and tendency to rule with an iron fist.

No, on second thought, I'd choose Leiberman. *laughs*

Hmmm... I didn't think about this one before I put it up. I'm going to say Brownback. They'll all be just as bad on gay issues if the House stays Democratic, he seems the least corrupt of the bunch, he's against the war, he's willing to entertain the idea of taxing the wealthy, and he's just a bit kooky, which separates him from Huckabee. The only drawback is that he'll appoint crazy conservatively biased judges instead of regular conservatively biased judges, and that'll suck for some time after 2013.

Marla R. Stevens | March 30, 2007 2:29 PM

None of the above -- and finally bite the emigrate-to-Canada bullet.