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SJR-7 kaleidoscope

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BauerAd.jpgAdvance Indiana is reporting that the American Family Association ran a full page ad in the South Bend Tribune this weekend trying to bully the Speaker of the House into bringing SJR-7 to the floor. I doubt that this technique is going to work since all they are trying to do is simply force his hand.

Meanwhile, over at Taking Down Words, there's a story about a news release and memo that everyone's favorite hypocrite has been shopping around to news outlets. As I commented last week, has any newspaper come out in favor of SJR-7? Uh, that would be - "no". You can download and read the documents over at TDW.

Over at Expresso, RiShawn Biddle takes African-American ministers to task for focusing on same-sex marriage to the detriment of social issues that honestly affect the black community. What's sad is that it's not just an African-American problem. If Eric Miller spent as much time worrying about making sure each child got the best education possible and no one went to bed hungry, he'd actually be someone I considered Christian. I understand what RiShawn is talking about because it's a common perception (most blacks oppose gay rights), but I'd just point out that, well, the vast majority of the rest of those arguing against my civil rights are white guys with Pharisee tendencies. (I tend to find that women ministers tend to be more accepting than male preachers, come to think of the phrase I just used.) But that doesn't mean that all white guys are homophobic either. It reminds me of the troubles I've had trying to find a contributor from the African-American community here in Indiana...

At the same time, rumors have been swirling about when the next committee meeting on SJR-7 will happen or if it even will. A few people suggested it would happen on tomorrow (and someone said they'd seen it in the Sunday Star's legislative calendar - although it wasn't on the online version), but I spoke to someone at the Statehouse today who assured me that it wasn't on the calendar.

What are you hearing out there? Got any good rumors or secrets? Use the anonymous feature if have to... *grins*

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Be very careful of stereotypes. They'll bite you in the ass almost every time.

Rev. Edwin Wheeler, an ordained Baptist, is president of Christian Theological Seminary. He is a very physically-dominating, obviously (and admitted) hetereo African American male. With the warmest soul you'd ever want to encounter.

His thoughtful and calm approach to this issue is refreshing. At a forum last fall, he spoke eloquently about tolerance and Biblical citations oft used by the Eric Miller crowd. He even pointed out how it was the duty of Christian pastors to minister to all, and judge none.

And how has this powerful community leader been used in the legislative debate of current? Zip. Nada.

He's an overwhelming preacher, witih a commanding presence. He'd have been great at the House hearings.

Just saying...

And what if he wasn't willing to step forward in that setting? Maybe there are facts not in evidence.

Good point, Yes. I don't know if he was asked to appear or not, so I sure can't say one way or another...