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The Pro-Cancer forces at the statehouse

Filed By Jen Jorczak | March 29, 2007 5:35 PM | comments

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As if you needed any more proof that certain members of the Indiana General Assembly are truly anti-sex, seven of our favorite Representatives today offered no less than twelve inane amendments to Senate Bill 327.

Senate Bill 327, if you haven't been paying attention, started out as a mandate for 6th grade girls to get the brand-new HPV vaccine in order to prevent cervical cancer, and has been watered down at every step until now it's barely a requirement for schools to distribute ISDH information about the vaccine to parents.

But today takes the cake. Twelve amendments proposed on a bill that should be a slam-dunk. You'd think that cancer prevention would be a total no-brainer, but then you're forgetting how many no-brains we seem to have around here.

The problem? Apparently, giving 6th grade girls a vaccine for an STD--even one that causes cancer--will make them promiscuous. You know, the same way umbrellas cause rain and same-sex marriage drives straight men into the arms of drug-dealing gay prostitutes.

The other argument against SB 327 is that it takes away a parent's right to control medical decisions for their daughters. A) ridiculous argument because all vaccine requirements have an opt-out; B) what kind of parent is gonna keep a cancer prevention tool away from their kids? What kind of family values is that?

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Arrrrgh. I'm driven crazy to no end by this. Cancer, people - CANCER. C'mon now. More people get HPV than don't; how can Republicans say with a straight face that they don't hate women when they want to condemn Hoosier girls to cervical cancer?
(I just got half my cervix cut out b/c it was halfway-to-cancer. It's no fun, and I think all the people screwing with this bill should have to go through something similar. Even if they don't all have cervixes.)