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Why the Colts need to say something about Tony Dungy, and more John Amaechi

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I just got an email update from the Log Cabin Republicans, and they included a few stock images of John Amaechi in it. After this whole Tony Dungy thing, one thing was conspicuously missing in these Amaechi shots. Check one of them out, and the cover of his book:

amaechi 1.JPGamaechi 2.JPG

amaechi 3.JPGI also hopped on over to the HRC's webpage, the same HRC that Amaechi's working for now as the spokesperson for the Coming Out Project. Here's one of their stock photos:

Now, what's not in these photos? Could it be this?jazz logo.JPG

It seems like the editor of the first photo that the LCR used actually went to some length not to use the Utah Jazz logo. It's almost seems like, even though John Amaechi is supporting something really great, the people he's working for know not to use a copywritten image in a way that would imply that the franchise endorses what they're doing. You know, so that they don't needlessly get on the Jazz's bad side.

Dungy.JPGNow let's look and see if the Indiana Family Institute took as much care as the LCR or the HRC did:

Oops! They didn't! It looks like the IFI is implying that the Colts franchise supports them! And it looks like Tony Dungy isn't making the same distinction between his real job and his fundraising! The Colts are sure going to take the IFI to the cleaners over this.... Or not.

I guess now anyone can use the Colts logo for whatever! I'm totally going to put the white horseshoe on the hand-calligraphied invitations to my next fisting orgy.

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Seems to me that the Colts DO support the IFI.

Who would have thought that instead of a football stadium, the city was getting a megachurch?

Our community win not win a popularity contest against the Colts organization or and the Irsay money influence ...

Still, we can confront what the Colts organization and the Irasy owners have already publicly distanced themselves from. That is, Dungy's disgusting agreement and support of IFI f**ks!


Why is everyone opposed to his beliefs? Is it illegal to not support gay marriage? It seems that everytime, someone steps up, and says something, they are bashed and put down. I don't disagree that some people have went about this the wrong way. However, Tony Dungy didn't, and he shouldn't be put down for it. If the gay community wants people to accept their beliefs, then they need to be able to accept other peoples beliefs. Regardless if they agree with them or not.

What an idiot. This isn't about endorsing a cause one way or another...the only thing the IFI is guilty of is using a photo improperly.

Typical gay agenda...always seeing a conspiracy when there is none.

And yes, what you have is a cause...not a right. You're free to choose how to live your life, but don't try to tell me it's a civil right.

SRP's Worst Nigihtmare | March 22, 2007 9:17 PM

But your'e wrong, we live our lives, you and me, IS a civil right.

You obviously need a cram course, so here's a link:

Read it and weep, fellow Patriot. Pay particular attention to the 9th Amendment. It's a doozey.

sick of stupid questions | March 22, 2007 9:31 PM

"Is it illegal to not support gay marriage?" No.....nor is it illegal to be a racist bigot but it is still wrong.

Regarding the constant remarks about "cramming things down your throat" - I'll stop being open about my sexual orientation when you stop cramming your heterosexuality down my throat.

To Doug - Is it illegal to disagree with Tony Dungy? Or is the politically correct idea that if someone says "I'm a Christian" that's a free pass to advocate legislation persecuting others.

I'm really fed up with the "if you want people to accept you" crowd - I'm not sitting in the back of the bus because you think your peepee makes you better than everyone else, or just because you pull out the "I'm Christian" card as a get-to-condemn-anyone-I-like excuse.

Frankly, Dungy's responsibility is to take care of his own family, not stick his nose into mine, nor try to prevent my family from securing the right to control our own health decisions without adhering to his selected religious beliefs. And this "you-can-do-anything-you-want-but-we-get-to-make-your-life-miserable" attitude is just as bad. No "religious" organization should be allowed to use the constitution to take away basic rights from citizens just because they don't like them.

S/P - Should we be bowing down and thanking you for granting us the right to live our lives as we choose? As long as, naturally, we don't get to let our partners make health decisions, or handle our funerals, know, those other things that heterosupremacists find so morally offensive.. .

Barry V - you come to a GLBT site to spout your
gibberish, why? Trust me when I say
there is nothing I want to "cram" down
your throat! This hillbilly state will
probably end up voting discrimination
into our state's constitution but the
only thing that will do is keep business
away from Indiana - way to go
redneck trash!!
Pal, there will always be gays and
lesbians around ban or no ban. They
will be employed where you work, in line
at the check-out counter at the store
you're shopping at, for all you know
they might live next door to you, and
maybe even related to you! The only
thing you need to remember is they (we)
probably won't like you anymore than you
like them and if you mouth off, you may
find out that they're (we're) not the
"sissies" you perceive them (us) to be!

Wilson46201 | March 22, 2007 10:38 PM

Coach Dungy would be well within his rights to parade around Monument Circle in a snowstorm wearing only Speedos while waving a Confederate flag. It'd be free speech.

But would it be wise?

unthunkabout | March 22, 2007 11:35 PM

I'm a heterosexual male. I, by no means, take someone's sexual preference into consideration when building friendships with people. I have countless friends who are gay and lesbians. We discuss these matters very openly. While we don't always agree on everything we always part ways with our friendship in tact.
One thing we do agree on is that people are entitled to an opinion. The comments that some people make in the media are out of line but it's an opinion nonetheless. Ignorance is very much alive in this world and will be until the end of time. I commend those who spend their lives trying to educate and fight for tolerance/acceptance in any form not just the gay and lesbian community. A lot will change over time just like racism. In the end there will be those who hate someone for shallow reasons that they learned as a child and there will be those whose minds and hearts have been opened through experience, not reading about the witch hunts.
I'm a white christian male so I've been blamed for everything under the sun. If people want to get married then please do. In the end it's all about love. If you love someone then you don't need a piece of paper to prove it. Don't quit fighting for what you believe. Remember it takes time for people to change. Especially when they have spent their whole life thinking one way. I've known a lot of people that have changed just by meeting one of my friends. They are uncomfortable at first because this is new to them but who doesn't feel uncomfortable setting sail on unchartered waters?
There are those who deserve the backlash but then there are those who just stated an opinion. With every action there is a reaction. The bigger person reacts well. The smaller person reacts like a child. I'm disgusted with people like Tim Hardaway but c'mon, Tony Dungy? He's a nice guy that believes what he believes. He'd probably have you over for dinner and treat you the way his God intended, like a brother or sister. Please pick your battles wisely. Some people are just good people that don't share your beliefs. That doesn't mean people hate you or wish you harm. My gay and lesbian friends agree whole heartedly with me on this.
If you need to take the same tone as those who are the true active opposition then what has anybody accomplished? It's turning out to be a very heated exchange of insults. Change takes time. It's very embarrassing to watch ADULTS get into name calling to get a point across. I'm not really willing to listen to either sides argument anymore because of it. I'm sure educated level headed people have a lot to say also but that doesn't make good news I guess.
Some of us don't care who you love or who you sleep with. I honestly don't care who anybody marries as long as they choose wisely in todays epidemic of drive-thru matrimony. True love is forever regardless of what you sign or put on your finger. I hope someday the same financial benefits and stuff will apply to everyone but until then at least you have someone you love and want to marry. Some people spend a lifetime alone.

Take care


It's just funny how the NBA player who came out and said he was gay, was praised for coming out..stepping up. Tony Dungy says he doesn't support gay marriage, and all of a sudden he's evil.

Amazing. How can I describe the feelings I get, feelings of shame, disgust, anger, bitterness and the list goes on and on. To me this just proves to myself how hateful some people really are.

Martin Luther King Jr said of his dream that he hoped there would come a day when men would be judged by the content of their character rather than skin color. I'm not going to quote it, you got the point.

During the Superbowl, all we heard over and over was two black, excuse me, "African American" coaches were in the super bowl. Who cares? I was more proud of the fact that these were two good men. I share the dream by action. Why denegrade their accomplishments by making mention of what is obvious to any person except the blind, that these men were black. Does that really make a difference?

Now one of them speaks from his heart and he gets blasted for what? Not falling in line like a good little black man? No? That's not it? Oh, its because he did not fall in line like what? A good little gay rights activist?

Look, you want people to support your "lifestyle" or whatever you want to call it but instead of expressing your views in a loving way, you turn the stomachs of most Americans by continually attacking those who do not share your views.

What about the other side? You want, want, want, but you never give others the same thing you want, freedom of speach, equal rights and so forth.

Look, let's be honest here. Can we do that for one minute. One does not need to be a Bible scholar to figure out that in the Bible whether it be Christian or Jewish, that God does not condone homosexuality. Whether we agree with it or not, this is what the God of the Bible teaches right?
You know the history, you know the stories, just read...its very elementary.

The way I see it is that your problem is not with Tony Dungy or anyone who shares the same belief, your problem is with God. All Tony Dungy is doing is being faithful to his convictions as taught in the Bible. Those convictions will not allow him to accept something contrary to what is taught in the Bible.

Its not personal, its not to hate on you. Its what is expected of anyone who holds to the same values as taught in the Bible. The Bible teaches that God loves everyone but that there are certain things that He does not allow or condone.

BTW, for the life of me I cannot find the page where it says to hate homosexuals. Sure, you find zealots who hate on both sides. That is their personal choice. Simply disagreeing with someone is not the same as hate, but to try and smear them is. It is a hateful act and it turns people off.

Maybe you should try and learn from Tony Dungy on how to disagree without making a fool of ones self. Try playing fair, try treating others with the same love and respect that you shout from the rooftops that you are not getting.

It takes votes to have the things you desire but all you do is alienate the voters with your bashing of good men and women.

Try being a lot more loving and a lot less hateful. Maybe then you will swing a few voters your way. Unfortunatley for you, this is expecting the impossible. Prove me wrong and start by not editing this post.

Tony Dungy simply stated his opinion. He is not trying to run for government to pass a law! The thought of another man and I performing a sexual act is disgusting to me. However, I don't care if other men want to do that amongst themselves. Does that make me a gay hater? No it's just my opinion. WHy do gays act as if something has been taken away. You still live together and adopt children, no one is stopping that. I am personally not religious, but I do understand that these people simply are following their religion.

Being gay and married is a sin! Period. As long as this is a christian run nation the queers have to step to back of the line. Tony and any other american has every right to speak out against gay marriage. Children should not be subjected to gay activities, on Tv, in public or anywhere alse.

Let's continue to blame the virtually helpless minority in order to make ourselves feel good. Condemning gays for a few verses in the Bible is cherry-picking. The Bible also says, to "Judge not, lest ye be judged." It also says your wife is property, to kill your disobedient child, and not to eat shellfish. I don't see Christians up in arms over those Biblical stances. I don't see Tony Dungy speaking out against Red Lobster, do I?

You're right, Tony Dungy can say whatver he wants, but he also assisted the IFI in their fight against gays with blessings from the Colts and the NFL by auctioning off their official merchandise for the IFI's annual fundraiser. As a tax-payer and voter in central Indiana, I find this corporate endorsement of dangerous wedge politics disturbing.

When I was gay-bashed at Anderson University in 1991 by several young Christian men, they told me they were just following their religion, so please spare me the talk about Tony Dungy following his. His rhetoric, folded in supposedly loving language, gives many impressionable people the "ok" to physically harm another human for being gay. That's what happened to me at AU; Mr. Dungy's speech to the IFI continues that cycle of religion-sanctioned violence. By making someone you disagree with a "sinner," you paint them as unsaved, lesser, inhuman, and that's when people are attacked.

Please look in the mirror and see who is really doing the "bashing" in this country.

A serious question from a libertarian:

Why aren't you guys working to get the government out of marriage entirely?

It seems that both sides in this debate are trying to use the power of the state to impose their vision of marriage on everyone. But what interest does the state have in who gets married? Wouldn't it be better if the state weren't involved and just recognized any contract between two (or more) people who said they want to be married?

Children should not be subjected to gay activities, on Tv, in public or anywhere alse.

That's odd. I would have said that children shouldn't be subjected to bigotry and hate - on TV, in public or anywhere else. I'd also remind the "gentleman" that this is not a Christian-run nation. We were specifically founded on freedom of religion. The nation the Puritans were fleeing when they came here was a "Christian-run nation." But I do love the "queers" part of your comment. It truly shows that you're a Christian. Hate speech is soooo Christ-like.

Is there any point, really, in responding to these comments, other than to pop my blood pressure up into unsafe levels? Probably not. But they must be responded to.

One more time: this is not a free speech issue. No one is saying Tony Dungy should not be allowed to talk about his religious beliefs in public. Disagreement with the content of legal speech is not equivalent to attempting to silence it.

Tony Dungy simply stated his opinion. He is not trying to run for government to pass a law!
You're right--he is not trying to run for government. He did, however, lend his name, his image, his persona as head coach of the Colts, and his time to headline a fundraising event for an organization that is dedicated to passing a law restricting the civil rights of gay Americans. That's why we are dismayed.
Its not personal, its not to hate on you. Its what is expected of anyone who holds to the same values as taught in the Bible. The Bible teaches that God loves everyone but that there are certain things that He does not allow or condone.
Again, no one is arguing that people should not be permitted to live their lives based on Biblical teachings. We do argue, however, that it is wrong to compel other people, through legislation, to live their lives according to your cherry-picked Biblical precepts. If you insist on adherence to one verse from Leviticus, you better insist on adherence to everything in the Bible. No, no, you might argue, the Levitican dietary prohibitions are ceremonial laws applicable only to the Levites, leaving American gentiles free to eat a cheeseburger with a side of shrimp. Fine--but note that the directive to kill rebellious children falls within those "moral laws," so get your pile of stones ready for Junior when he mouths off. And note that the "lying with a man as with a woman is an abomination" clause is followed immediately by a directive to put those people to death, so get a bigger pile of stones and be prepared to explain why, as a Bible-believing Christian, your faith compels you support the execution of both homosexuals and disobedient children. That's what God's Word says. Who are you to latch onto the first part of the directive and ignore the second, when God's Word is clear on the matter? You want the Bible to be the source of civil law in the US? No more female pastors or Sunday school teachers, then, and no women in church with heads uncovered or mouths open, and no women beyond the lowest rank in the military, police, or fire department. And no more 7/11 stores open for you to buy a six-pack to watch the NFL game on Sunday, unless you can come up with a Biblically justified argument for how steroid-enhanced millionaires playing football in service of multi-million dollar TV contracts keep the Sabbath day holy.

Is that really what you're arguing for? The elimination of not only gay rights but any discussion of gay rights or visibility of gay people because you dutifully follow everything your Bible says? Or is it because

The thought of another man and I performing a sexual act is disgusting to me
and your Bible gives you a convenient justification for your gut reaction?

Go boltgirl!!! Loved it.

This isnt a christian run nation ? Hmmm wonder why the words "In God we Trust" is written on the almighty dollar. Marraige is a joining of a man and a woman in the eyes of God. You can rate all the sins you want by severity but the simple truth is gays are asking a minister or judge to commit a sin by conducting the marraige. Get it? Understand? So call it a civil union or something I dont care but dont call it marraige. Tony Dungy doesnt have to be a football coach and the face of the colts 24/7/365 days a year. He is a man with his own opinions and views and should be able to express them without fear of his job. I cant express what I really feel about gays and marraige because my post will be deleted.

Oh Eric. GLBT citizens don't want to be married in your church. In fact, speaking for myself, I want nothing to do with your church, your faith, your minister. Nothing. I want you to be able to practice whatever faith you want. I just want you to leave the tenets of your faith to yourself.
My partner of 7 years and I want to be treated equally under the law. That's it. Nothing more. We don't want a church wedding, so stop worrying about us making your pastor sin, ok?

Should this amendment outlaw divorce and adultery, too? If you're going to support this amendment, then take it all the way to its logical conclusion. I also think you should push here what's being proposed in WA state: state-forced annulments for straight couples who don't procreate. (I guess that would cover my folks, since they couldn't have kids and had to adopt.)

Be careful what you wish for, Eric. You might just get it.

yes , there will always be people that are gay , and there will always be all sorts of other mental disorders that one can be cured of. there will always be professionals waiting to help you. the first step is to admit your problem, the second is to seek professional help.i've met people who have been cured, but like anything other obstacle in life ,you have to want it.

Christians shouldn't be judging any gays here. I'm a christian, and I know better than do judge anyone. While I don't feel gays should be able to marry, I feel they should be allowed to have a civil union. I like that idea, and term..much better.