April 21, 2007

WBC cancels Virginia Tech protest in exchange for radio time

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From one of their press releases yesterday:Westboro Baptist Church hereby cancels all pending pickets, and agrees not to schedule future pickets, related to The Virginia Tech Massacre, on the following terms and conditions; to wit: In consideration for 3 hours...Read More

Does it make me a bad person to laugh at this?

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Ah, yes, the gay experience. This is pretty much my life in a nutshell: You can give their comments some love here. (h/t Good As You)...Read More


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Sarah Blustain further unpacks the recent Carhart decision:That the anti-abortion movement reframed its arguments against abortion in ways that seem to protect women while in fact actually constraining them. This is a key new turn in the anti-abortion strategy: to...Read More


Quote of the day

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"I cannot in good conscience take office without noting my strong opposition to the recent amendment that so blatantly discriminates against my fellow Wisconsinites who are gay or lesbian." -- Newly elected Madison, Wisconsin Mayor Dave Cieslewicz, during his swearing-in...Read More