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AFA attacks Terri Austin

Filed By Bil Browning | April 10, 2007 10:16 AM | comments

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You'll remember Representative Terri Austin from her tearful commentary when she voted not to recommend SJR-7 for passage at the House committee vote:

"I have cried over this. I have prayed over this. I have sought advice from everyone I know to try and come to the right decision in my heart," Austin said, her voice quivering, her eyes filled with tears.

"I know some people will be disappointed in me, but I'll have to live with that."

Disappointed, Terri? The Hoosier fundies are baying for her blood! For example, check out this ad that the American Family Association ran in her hometown paper. The ad accuses Austin of betraying her "vow to protect marriage."

Personally, I like the part about "Why did she claim tearful concern about domestic violence when a clear legal opinion to the contrary that the amendment would not affect domestic violence victims?" The ad claims that the brief submitted by an out-of-state "expert" (read: fundie think tank) should have convinced Austin that they knew Indiana domestic violence laws better than domestic violence advocates. Could it have been because the "expert" testimony came from an organization devoted to passing same-sex marriage amendments across the nation? Cuz, you know, they're unbiased.

Whatever. This is another desperate tactic by the fundie crowd to try and politicize the issue. This is all about Republican votes - not "protecting marriage."

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It is particularly disgusting that they slammed her with BRETRAYED in the EASTER SUNDAY newspaper. A little hint that she's a Judas? I am sure this wounded her deeply.

Even if you might not agree with most of her opinions, I'd like to urge you to write her a note of support. (legislative -> members-> House Democrats)

These fundies will do anything to hurt the ones they purport to love. Nothing like a fundie finding facts more important than loyalty.

The item you mention, the one about her having a clear opinion is telling. Terri said in her statement that she had gotten opinions from experts on both sides and that she did not know which to believe. While I have my preference, she was absolutely right. While we hope that she will come to agree with us on the merits, the vote as she saw it, was to vote for the unknown or to exercise caution in grave matters.

The position of the proponents is we think we are right, why don't you take a chance on the constitution?

Please do write to support her. She took the first step by refusing to panic and yield to intense pressure. She voted against a measure because she did not know, no one does, what its effect would be. Surely that is laudable.

Is there anyone in the LGBT community who was pleased with her tearful, apologetic "defense" of the community? Sure, she voted the way we wanted, but she sure didn't put any heart into it.

I do hope that a stronger, more supportive Democrat defeats her in the next primary.