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  • Sarah Blustain further unpacks the recent Carhart decision:
    That the anti-abortion movement reframed its arguments against abortion in ways that seem to protect women while in fact actually constraining them. This is a key new turn in the anti-abortion strategy: to argue that women are natural mothers who would not naturally choose abortion, and therefore need protection from the option.
  • Jasmyne Cannick discusses the four lesbians who were just sentenced for attacking a straight man:
    It's one thing to make a pass at someone, but it's a completely other thing to start grabbing your dick and talking out the side of your mouth about how I just need a good man, which 10 times out 10 isn't you. Ten years ago, Jasmyne would have been in a jail to just like these young girls had some guy done that to me.
  • Jeremy Hooper can't get a word in edgewise at GodTube:
    We provided the full evidence of Mr. Sheldon's lie, with a link to the full document so people could see for themselves where Mr. Sheldon was employing fallaciousness. Wanting to make sure that all who saw the video on GodTube (where the clip was hosted) were also privy to the information, we respectfully posted a comment on the site pointing out Sheldon's error, along with a link to our evidence.
  • Queerty draws draws a line when it comes to corporate greed:
    Did he just pitch a story and offer a DVD to Queerty "In exchange for our help"?! That doesn't sound too ethical. Of course, Paramount's P.R. machine is just doing its job, and even if we don't run a story on Dreamgirls they love the blog and would be happy to send us the schwag anyway...right?
  • Richard Rothstein tells an interesting story about swimming naked:
    I could think of nothing else for two days. I had to get that feeling back and the only way to do it was in the pool. All I could think of was the pool. Nothing else mattered. I suppose you could say that the pool wall was my first crush.

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