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  • A straight woman describes her first visit to a local lesbian S&M club:
    My first wild lesbian fetish party feels like a junior-high school dance, with all the boys lined up on one side of the room and all the girls lined up on the other. Except here, in spite of the butch/femme division of labor, everyone is female. At a high-school dance, the boys would be shy and awkward, but they'd also be full of testosterone, which would serve the supremely useful function of driving them across the room and asking the girls to dance.
  • Jim Burroway has the goods on the tit-for-tat going on between real social scientists and The Amazing Lying Camerons:
    Is this to mean that when a closeted individual dies, his or her former lovers are going to come out of the woodwork and place an obituary in the Washington Blade? Does that even mean that the Blade will accept such an obituary? Remember, they don't even publish a general obituary section.
  • The Yuma Sun profiles HIV on reservations:
    Christina Allen knows exactly how the rest of the Quechan Tribe would react if she was infected with AIDS. She would be shunned.
  • AfterEllen profiles Rebecca Walker, writer Alice's daughter:
    The criticism came from all sides. "Everything you would expect from being a biracial, bisexual person," Walker explained. "Jewish people got upset because they felt I only represented them as wealthy. Sometimes gay people got mad because they wanted me to have a whole coming-out moment, and even though I talk about my woman partner at the time [Ndegeocello] and her son, they didn't feel I was out enough."
  • Margaret Cho questions the relationship between racism and humanity
    Here is where I can really envy white people because when white people do something that is inexplicably awful, so brutally and horribly wrong, nobody says - "do you think it is because he is white?" There are no headlines calling him the "White shooter." There is no mention of race because there is no thought in anyone's mind that his race had anything to do with his crime.

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