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Homos public enemy #1

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Isn't it comforting to know we're the most hated group in the western world? Wow, that's going to help me sleep tonight...

According to a new study out of Australia, gays and lesbians are the most hated minority group in the world. The researchers posed the question, "Would you like to have a person from this group as your neighbor?" The survey then asked about muslims, gays, Jews, immigrants, or someone of a different race. Whudda thunk it that the primary group other folks don't want to live next to would be the queers?

It's not just you being paranoid. They really do hate you. Of course, you could be a Jewish lesbian. Or a Muslim gay man. Yikes. Especially for muslims - they ranked #2. (Immigrants came in third.)

The most top five most homophobic nations? You might be surprised - I was!

  1. Northern Ireland - 35.9%
  2. Italy - 28.7%
  3. Ireland - 27.5%
  4. Greece - 26.8%
  5. Austria - 26.7%

The most friendly?

  1. Sweden - 6%
  2. Netherlands - 6.2%
  3. Iceland - 7.9%
  4. Denmark - 8%
  5. Germany - 14%

Where did the good old United States rank? We are the 9th most homophobic out of the 23 countries surveyed with 22.9% of respondents not wanting to live nextdoor to gays or lesbians. (The Muslim community came second in the US too - with 10.9% of Americans bigoted against them.) The average for all countries was 19.6% bigoted against the LGBT community world wide. Ah, you can always count on the United States to be ahead of the pack.

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Lynn David | April 20, 2007 7:03 PM

Gay Muslims are imprisoned or dead if sharia law has anything to do about it.

But if you missed the worst of our living lot - gay atheists.

Those top-five nations don't surprise me. They are the most xenophobic of nations generally. The Irelands for their conflicts, Italy because of the Catholic Church, Greece because of the problems with Muslim Turkey, and Austria... because it's Austria. Remember Ah-nold is from Austria.

I am surprised about Italy considering that they were seriously in the process of nationally recognizing civil unions. And Greece too. Even tho they're all orthodox now, I thought that there'd be enough gayness left over from antiquity to carry them thru! guess not.

It's also important to note that this study only focused on "Western" countries - US, Canada, NZ, Australia, and Europe.

That's true, Alex. The Western world's level of acceptance far outweighs the rest of the world. And, well, it's a much larger world than just the western countries... They didn't take into account, any of the Soviet countries, Asian, African, or South American countries. I don't think the same countries would have come out "on top."

But, let's face it. They narrowed the focus to countries where it's now become unacceptable to be bigoted. In a lot of the other countries it's still okay to have racial prejudices or ancestral ones... After all, I think the Jews would win the bigotry war in Palestine or Lebanon... (They did beat us in Spain, btw - the only country to have a population other than LGBTs take top place. How many years ago was the Inquisition? Geez!)