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"...There is nothing new about Mr. Imus's performance. He's been doing this schtick for years and every so often he goes over the top. Nevertheless, he attracts the famous and the wannabe-famous who willingly subject themselves to his brand of caustic humor and adolescent antics because they know he has a large following. The risk must somehow be worth it because Mr. Imus, along with the bathroom humor and fratboy chatter, somehow manages to discuss politics. That makes it okay for Cokie Roberts and John Kerry to yuck it up with the I-man. The same people wouldn't be caught dead going on Howard Stern because all he does is talk about tits. No politics there. One thing you have to give Howard Stern is there's no artifice to his approach; he doesn't pretend to be an intellectual. So why anyone is surprised that Mr. Imus finally crossed the line from marginally acceptable humor to just plain racism is a little lame. He's skated very close to this many times before, so it was only a matter of time. The shocked-and-saddened brigades can put their outrage on simmer; if they didn't see this coming, they haven't been paying attention." -- blogger Mustang Bobby on Shakesville.com

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