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"Bush was elected on a wave of apathy plaguing the American populace, which manifested in millions of sighs over the course of the year 2000: There's no difference between the two parties. Bush's then-opponent, Al Gore, has since been proven right about the role internet would come to play in politics, an inevitable healthcare crisis, the need for rigorous diplomacy with Islamic states, alternative fuels' relationship to strengthening national security, his opposition to the Iraq War, and, let us not forget, the concerns about a climate crisis. It is quite possible 9/11 would not have happened on his watch, and it is a certainty the Iraq War would not have happened on his watch. Our national treasury would likely look vastly different, as would nearly every other federal domestic policy.

"It's impossible to know precisely what a Gore presidency would look like, but it's safe to say that, whatever it did look like would have a substantially different appearance than Bush's. And that doesn't begin to express how different the current landscape would be had Bush not had a Republican Congress with which to fulfill every last fantastical wet dream of his conservative devotees. That there is no difference between the two parties--or even the men who represented them in a presidential contest seven years ago--is a massive and diabolical myth, perpetuated to the benefit of the extremists who lurked behind the alleged lightweight known as Dubya.

"One grand fallacy exposed to a populace still in need of an excuse for their failure of revolution, I fear another is emerging to take its place with a vengeance: We can expect nothing but the worst from our government." -- Melissa McEwan on Shakesville.com

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