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Next week the Matthew Shepard Act, which adds sexual orienation, gender, gender identity, and disability to existing hate crimes laws, increases the crimes to which hate crimes enhancements can be added to make such laws actually effective, and increases tracking of national hate crimes statistics, will be brought to the House floor.

Needless to say, the religious right is out in full force. These folks don't see any way to support their position without lying through their collective teeth. Here you have a bill about crime that even the ACLU (yeah, that one group that defended Nazis' and the Phelps Klan's free speech rights) doesn't think curtails free expression, and these folks are saying that it will ban religion. Check out the alarmism they're using to ensure that others can commit hate crimes more freely:tvc-drag.jpg

These people and their drones are writing your Representative. Do you want their voices to be the only ones heard?

I sure hope not. Take about twenty minutes today to write your Representative supporting the Matthew Shepard Act. You can get your Representative's office address here, or go here if you live in Indiana.

I wrote up a compendium of positive talking points about how this legislation will help to fight hate crimes here to help you get started. The Task Force and HRC each have email-your-rep pages set up, but as we so constantly hear, a thoughtful letter is much better than a form email, but if that is all you're able to do, then it's better than nothing.

Please take a few minutes to write a letter to support legislation that will actually do something to help keep us safer. Hate crimes against queer people are terrorist attacks intended to make us afraid, shut up, and go back in the closet. Now's the time to speak up and out in favor of full protection by law enforcement.

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Wilson46201 | April 28, 2007 7:53 AM

If you live in the 7th Congressional District which covers most of Indianapolis, rest assured that our Congresslady Julia Carson is not wavering in her continued and steadfast support of this legislation. She consistently is rated 100% by LGBT groups.

It's Burton, Buyer and Pence that need to change their minds to support liberty and justice for all.

ENDA means there will be a quota? Hmmm. Where have we heard that line before? Oh, that's right - when folks didn't want races covered equally too. Of course racism and homophobia do tend to go hand in hand, don't they?

Good piece, Alex.

What part of the Constitution enables Congress to pass hate crimes laws? The powers of Congress are specifically enumerated, and passing hate crimes laws is not one of them.

The necessary and proper clause, Michael. Of course, by your logic there'd be no CIA, FBI or Air Force, the Constitution says nothing about them specifically either.

What part of the Constitution mentions Terry Shaivo? What part mentions automobile taxes or highway funds or farm subsidies? How about abortions, the FBI, the Air Force, the oversight of prescription drugs, or whether or not you can take shampoo on an airplane?