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Wednesday blogwhoring

Filed By Bil Browning | April 11, 2007 7:19 AM | comments

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Some new additions to the blogroll lately that everyone should check out:

  • Four Square No. 266 - This local architect's blog isn't gay related, but it's still one of the best blogs Indy has to offer.
  • G-Spot Magazine - A new feminist blog with some hard hitting pieces.
  • - For those Indy folks, you probably already know Marti Abernathy. Her blog was one of the original blogroll members, but she stopped posting for a while. I'm really glad she's back and occupying her spot again.
  • Tyrant Queen of the Midgets - This feminist blog by a USI student is in my RSS feed for a daily dose of smart and witty.
  • Qomics for Queers - Alex's Sunday posts about gay themes in the comics (and some hilarious re-writes) have proven so popular, they've spawned their own blog!

And lastly, a blog that's been on the blogroll for, well, an almighty long time but doesn't get enough attention around the Indiana blogosphere - Whtz On My Mind. Paula's posts are sharp and well written. She should be mandatory reading for all Indiana queers.

So what have you got? Written a post you want to promote? Got a blog that's on your RSS feed that hasn't been seen here on Let us know. The floor is yours...

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*blush* thanks bil!

You know I'm such a putz, Paula. I didn't put in the DAMN LINK. Ugh. I hope folks clicked from the blogroll, but I've added the link into the post now! I'm sorry Paula!

Allen J. Lopp | April 11, 2007 9:53 PM

If there is such a thing a blogwhoring, is there also such a thing as blogpimping?

I mean, curious minds want to know!

Actually, isn't just a blog, it's a multi-blog site. Say Bil wanted a Transadvocate blog, he'd just go to and get his own TA blog :)

Btw, thanks for the love!

Allen - I think that this is blogpimping.

I always thought that blogwhoring is when someone with an unknown blog goes onto a better known blog and posts in the comments or in the diaries or in the forums a link back to their own blog with a little message enticing people there. Like how I first got Bil's attention by posting a response to an Indy Star blog post that responded to Bil's post wanting the dirt on state house members, and then posting a link in the comments here with a little message about how cool I thought I was. And I did that all over these internets, like at Pam's house blend, Americablog, Daily Kos, Talkleft, feministing, the Comics Curmudgeon (I still blogwhore there for QfQ), and Queerty. And I was actually getting some attention over at Q-Bomb, feeling quite proud that I had conquer the art of blogwhoring. Oh, those were the days (three months ago).

So I'm thinking that this, when someone with a blog directs people to others' blogs, besides just linking to a post to discuss it further or reference it, is blogpimping. Although that term hasn't caught on, and some big name blogs, like Shakesville, call it blogwhoring.

Wow, I care a little too much about this whole thing. *blushes*

That's funny, Alex. I always thought of it the other way around.

I thought of going and putting up a comment about your own blog on someone else's site was "blogpimping." You're sending people to your site.

Posting about someone else's site was blogwhoring because your blog put out for someone else - usually because they asked you to.

A. J. Lopp | April 14, 2007 2:16 PM

Well, as I see it, "blogwhoring" might be when you use a blog, either yours or someone else's, to get inordinate amounts of public attention --- thus, blogwhoring might be a subset of mediawhoring. Admittedly, my own repeated posting of comments here at Bilerico might be a mild form of blogwhoring ... but I do it to say something and have a bit of fun, not primarily for the attention.

And blogpimping ... anything one does to get a blog known, yours or someone else's, might be blogpimping. Maybe if the blog gets the attention it's blogpimping, but if the writer is out for attention for him- or herself, it's blogwhoring. That might be a subtle and sometimes ambiguous distinction.

In any event, and probably like many of us, I'm shamelessly guilty on both counts.