May 5, 2007

Home again, home again, jiggity jog

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We're home now from the Jefferson-Jackson dinner. I took several photos and spoke with both Donnelly and Ellsworth. I'll post the photos and my thoughts about the dynamic duo tomorrow. Both Donnelly and Ellsworth were very courteous though after they...Read More

Indiana Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner

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9:45pm: Dan Parker closes the dinner. Time to go home! Pictures will follow! --- 9:40pm: "Some of my colleagues aren't happy about working on Fridays. We may not work each Friday, but as long as I'm the majority leader we'll...Read More


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Beth Ditto of The Gossip fame lays out her quals for writing a teen advice column:It was really funny to me, because I actually have the opposite of a rock-star lifestyle. I mean, I have to play shows and what...Read More

I saw the light and the light saved me

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Pardon the pun, but what the hell?!? The Washington Post is reporting former gay escort turned conservative "reporter" Jeff Gannon has a new job. You'll laugh. You'll weep. You'll never believe it. He's the new spokesman for the International Bible...Read More

In God We Trust

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Copyright 2007 David Honig (Click to enlarge)...Read More


Coffee & Toast with Chris Matthews

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"Who would win a street fight? Rudy Giuliani -- just think of a street fight now over in Queens somewhere. It's a dark night, it's about 2 in the morning. Two guys are out behind the building, right? On a...Read More

Christian Fundamentalists Move To Embrace Hate Speech

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