May 7, 2007


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I just left this tidbit as a comment on Alex's post too, but it's worth repeating... What do the Human Rights Campaign and the National Rifle Association have in common? According to a survey taken this year by the Log...Read More

Todd Rokita might be breaking state election law

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From the Indiana Dems in an email press release:Indiana Democrats expressed concern late Monday that Secretary of State Todd Rokita is overstepping his legal authority by sending 10 unauthorized deputies to Lake County to monitor Tuesday's primary election. Rokita said...Read More

Navy re-admits gay sailor

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Did I miss the end of Don't Ask Don't Tell? While the Congresscritters are busy arguing amongst themselves about whether or not we're fit to serve, it appears that the Navy has taken matters into their own hands. On his...Read More

Blogosphere tidbits

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A few things picked up about some of your favorite blogs... Here at, we have a new editor! Alex Blaze will be stepping into the Editor's duties to help alleviate some of the load of running the site off...Read More

Oh, the Log Cabin Republicans

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LCR prez Patrick Sammon has a column up at The Advocate about how LGBT people should be giving money to Republicans. I don't quite understand the whole gay Republican thing (voting Democrat is about as establishment as I can take,...Read More

Monday question

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What does it mean to be patriotic?...Read More

Yadkin River Sticky Punge

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You know how there is a small minority of songs that you hear and can't get out of your mind? Either the tune was catchy or the artist just blew you away. This is one of the latter. Rebekah Dehlrio...Read More


Coffee & Toast with Pat Bauer

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"The outstanding participation of major corporations in explaining the economic impact was a revelation that needed to be part of the equation. The harm to domestic violence laws and their enforcement showed why you needed deliberations and hearings before putting...Read More