May 19, 2007


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The New York Times profiles gay homeless youth shelters:One girl said she started living on the streets after her mother beat her for dressing like a boy. Another said she ran away from home after her father pulled a...Read More

Go outside and play!

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I won't be posting much today - at least during the daylight hours! We're putting up a privacy fence with our neighbors today, so I'll be out doing studly, manly, dirty work. (Yeah, I'll stand there and say "Dig harder....Read More

Teletubbies: it's safe to come out now

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As news of Jerry Falwell's demise spreads, those adorable little purple people are cautiosly peering forth from their hiding places. A collection of them can be viewed here, along with a number of decreasingly memorable quotes from their (mortal after...Read More

Some Serious Decision Making...

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One of my first political memories is of Bill Clinton's campaign song choice. "Don't Stop" by Fleetwood Mac (on an unrelated note - my favorite band) represented him as in touch with the baby boomer generation and energetic all at...Read More


Coffee & Toast with the Majjhima Nikaya

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"The bliss of a truth-seeking life is attainable for anyone who follows the path of unselfishness. If you cling to your wealth, it is better to throw it away than let it poison your heart. But if you don't cling...Read More