Jen Jorczak

Abandon all birth control, ye who enter Montana

Filed By Jen Jorczak | May 31, 2007 6:00 PM | comments

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Tags: Birth control, Great Falls Montana, pharmacy refusals

Seriously. There's a pharmacy in Great Falls, Montana, which now has an official policy to not dispense birth control at all, to anyone, ever.

I can't tell you how ridiculous this is. The owners of the pharmacy say that birth control is "dangerous for women."

GIVE ME A BREAK. I don't mean to shout, but have these folks done any research at all? Birth control consistently improves maternal and child health statistics in every country that has widespread access. What they really mean is, birth control is damaging to their own barefoot and pregnant ideology.

I can only hope that the women of Great Falls rise up and shut these f***ers down.

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Having lived in teh Mountain West, and knowing that there are towns there that are the only signs of human life for literally dozens to hundreds of miles, and many of those towns are too small to even have restaurants, one town saying no to birth control in Montana is a pretty big deal. I have no idea why people are against it - I can even begin to understand why some people are against abortion, but birth control is just so innocuous.

Jen Jorczak | May 31, 2007 7:21 PM

I looked it up, and while Great Falls does seem a bit isolated (as does everything in MT), it does have a population of 56,000--enough, I hope, that there's at least one more pharmacy in town. Cuz yeah, it's a hell of a drive to the next one.

I looked it up- and according to the google map, there are 10 pharmacies in Great Falls. I'm thinking the ladies taking birth control there are going to be just fine- Thank Gawd for the free market and the power of the consumer dollar.