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  • Beth Ditto of The Gossip fame lays out her quals for writing a teen advice column:
    It was really funny to me, because I actually have the opposite of a rock-star lifestyle. I mean, I have to play shows and what not, but outside of that I'm a grandma. I do things like bake cakes and worry about whether I have time to pot my flowers before it gets too cold. I live with two of my best friends in Portland, Oregon, and I'll say to them, "What do y'all wanna do tonight? You want me to make devilled eggs?" And they'll nod, "Yeah, that sounds gooooood."
  • QueerSighted's Richard Rothstein expounds on the dangers of the closet.:
    Powerful public figures have as much right to the privacy of the closet as a junkie has to his right to shoot up in the privacy of an abandoned building. In fact, some societies actually do protect the rights of junkies to do just that. Our own society enables people to drink themselves to death, smoke themselves to death and shoot all sorts of junk into their veins so why not respect the right of men and women to live in the closet?

    Has anyone noticed yet that being gay doesn't destroy careers, lives, reputations and a life of exemplary work,but stumbling or being kicked out of the closet does?

    The Closet may not seem like crystal meth but in the end the results are same: lives, careers, reputations and pride are destroyed. Furthermore, the Closet does as much for the advancement and health of the gay community as does substance abuse.

  • The Rev. Irene Monroe questions Obama's motivation for mixing religion and politics:
    As a central, powerful, and revered institution within the African-American community, the black church captivated Obama's attention. He says he came to understand "the power of the African-American religious tradition to spur social change." And how much Obama really covets the power of the black church for his own political aggrandizement, rather than for its religion, has raised questions in the minds of many.

  • Jennifer Pozner tears apart Rosie O'Donnell's media opposition:
    It's tempting to write off the media's ridiculously vehement reaction to O'Donnell as solely the result of good old-fashioned sexism on the part of arrogant boys who aren't accustomed to sharing their celluloid sandbox with a girl -- especially a non-girlie girl who cares more about what comes out of her mouth than what color lip-gloss adorns it. That bias has absolutely been in play -- but there's more beneath the rage of her detractors than simple macho hazing.

  • Keith Boykin cheers the Congressional Black Caucus' support of the hate crimes bill:
    Blacks often express their homophobia differently, but most polls show that blacks support basic civil rights for gays and lesbians. That's why I was encouraged by yesterday's vote in the House of Representatives where every single member of the Congressional Black Caucus who was present voted to support the Matthew Shepard Act that would outlaw hate crimes against gays and lesbians. The only other member of the CBC, Senator Barack Obama, also supports the bill and will surely vote for it when it comes to the Senate.

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If you are a disgusting, vulgar, obnoxious, ludicrous person incapable of rational thought, you can be a star in America.
Rosie O' Donnell, who's picture can be found next to the word 'pompous' in the dictionary, proved to be a radical leftist windbag on 'The View' television show. When I heard that her contract negotiations had fallen through, my first thought was that her career would now shoot to new heights.
In a normal, centrist society, Rosie O'Donnell would not be cleaning streets. Her arrogant, loud-mouthed dribble would be regarded as just that; dribble. Her theories, subjective conspiracy rumors and conjecture would be seen as the ramblings of a person on the lunatic fringe. But place her in the vanguard of the American entertainment machine and she takes on a superstar status that regrettably can find justification nowhere. What have we come too?

A. J. Lopp | May 6, 2007 11:28 AM

Dear Mr. Trump: Why didn't you just go ahead and sign your real name, instead of using "truthteller"? I mean, we can tell it's you.

(And Donald, we didn't know you read this blog. I'm sure Bil and the rest of the contributors are flattered ... kinda.)