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Filed By Alex Blaze | May 26, 2007 9:00 AM | comments

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Or, more accurately, "I can't think of a good name for this weekly feature that I used to call 'Fetch!' and 'Bilerico surfs the net'". If you have any ideas that you're OK with me stealing, please leave them in the comments.

  • Christopher Rice questions GLAAD's decision to exclude gay media outlets from their Media Awards:
    Never mind that up until now the term "mainstream media" was traditionally used by Fox News to describe any news outlet that didn't present the liberal side of the issue with a commentator who was either a felon or deformed. Now it's being parroted by gay people to justify excluding other people.

  • Pam reminds Peter LaBarbera that International Mr. Leather is just around the corner:
    At past IMLs, he has done so to share his "research" with his "Christian" readers. American Airlines is serving as Official Airline of IML, so I'm sure he's enraged about that. While IML features sessions like "Ms. & Mr. World Leather Reception," a women's forum and a MCC Church Service, I doubt that you'll see Peter at those functions. His reporting interest lies with the man-on-man action.

  • Paul Festa describes bad extracurricular sex in an open relationship:
    And besides, while no sex is cause for concern in a fuck-buddy relationship, bad sex, or at least some variety of badness is probably ideal. "I wish my fuck buddy could spell 'bored,'" James lamented the other day after picking up a text message. Actually, we're both thrilled this guy can't spell "bored." Extracurricular sex partners who can't spell are the very best extracurricular sex partners, because they are destined to remain extracurricular.

  • Garance Franke-Ruta writes the genealogy of hate speech by celebs over this past year:
    After radio shock jock Don Imus was forced off the air for comments no worse than many he'd made over the past 35 years, his longtime sidekick, Bernard McGuirk, wondered where along the way the rules had changed. The answer was probably Malibu, California, where Mel Gibson was pulled over last July for driving erratically after a night out with some buxom blondes, setting in motion a chain of events that would permanently change the contours of the public debate in America and ultimately lead to Imus' ouster.

  • Jasmyne Cannick blogs about her upcoming trip to Sierra Leone with Isaiah Washington:
    Ladies and gents, today I'm headed home to Mother Africa, Sierra Leone to be exact. For the next nine days, I'll be soaking up the hot African sun in Sierra Leone with my good friend Isaiah Washington. Before there was a "Grey's Anatomy," actor Isaiah Washington had his DNA tested through African Ancestry at the Pan African Film and Arts Festival, of which I am a part of. Isaiah discovered he was from the Mende tribe of Sierra Leone and has spent the last several years providing humanitarian efforts to the people of Sierra Leone, his people.

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Personally, I like the name. :) You're just angling for another link from the Phelps klan, aren't you? *grins*