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  • The Minnesota Senate approved hospital visitation rights for domestic partners. (WKBT)
  • A Turkmenistani lesbian was granted asylum in the US. Apparently their government runs ex-gaying gulags. (365gay)
  • Faith in America is launching a five-city "Call to Courage" campaign to fight religious-based homophobia. (Faith in America)
  • The EU court ruled that Poland's ban on Warsaw Pride violated gays' and lesbians' rights to free association. (International Herald-Tribune)
  • The Oregon Senate just passed domestic partnership legislation. (Willamette Week)
  • New Paltz, NY, mayor Jason West (Green), famous for performing twenty-five same-sex marriages in defiance of state law in 2004, lost reelection to a Democrat. (New York Times)
  • The Canadian Anglicans released a pastoral statement saying they would not bless same-sex unions. This means that there is at least one place where America is more socially liberal than Canada. (Toronto Star)
  • The journal Sexually Transmitted Infections found that 44% of positive gay men in London were undiagnosed. Also, around a third of them participate in unprotected sex. The study was based on surveys of men in nightclubs, bathhouses, and gay bars. (Medical News Today)
  • A Nigerian woman has gone into hiding after being accused of attempting to marry four other women. She faces death by stoning or caning and denies everything (BBC News)
  • John McCain wrote a letter to SLDN to tell them that gays and lesbians in the military are an "intolerable risk". Tolerable risks include ex-cons, insufficient body armor, and being caught in the middle of a centuries-old religious conflict. (SLDN)

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