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Homophobes turned violent in protest of Moscow Pride

Filed By Alex Blaze | May 29, 2007 4:20 PM | comments

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From the Deustche Welle:

At least two European lawmakers were among the 31 people police said were taken into custody when gay rights demonstrators clashed with far-right extremists outside Moscow's city hall.

Punches and kicks flew, eggs and insults were hurled, and several global gay rights supporters were arrested Sunday as activists defied a state ban and briefly staged Moscow's second ever Gay Pride march.

Police detained Russian gay community leader Nikolai Alexeyev and several European lawmakers in central Moscow at the start of the demonstration by dozens of homosexual rights activists campaigning for an end to sexual discrimination.

Dozens of Russian right-wing extremists converged on the group, shouting insults like "fags," "perverts" and "death to homosexuals," throwing eggs and punching and kicking gay demonstrators in front of riot police who intervened much later.

The police also systematically arrested both the attackers and the assaulted. The gay rights activists were also assaulted by ultra-nationalists and Orthodox Church hardliners.

These Russian queer protestors, marching peacefully to gain basic tolerance in an increasingly fascist society, are some of the bravest queer protestors I can think of. After finding out that speaking out against the government means that you'll be poisoned with radioactive polonium, they still showed up to an illegal protest. From CNN:
"We are defending our rights," said a young gay man named Alexey, with blood pouring out of his nose after he was beaten up by a man screaming "homosexuals are perverts" opposite the mayor's office. His attacker was detained.

"This is terrible but I am not scared. This is a pretty scary place, a pretty scary country if you are gay. But we won't give up until they allow us our rights," he said.

Foreign governments (Italy and Germany) have put pressure on the Russian government to protect freedom of assembly. Perhaps since the Bush Administration is so concerned with equal protection they'll criticize their buddies over there for cracking down on the gays.

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