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Leslee Unruh, Moon Goddess?

Filed By Jen Jorczak | May 23, 2007 7:19 PM | comments

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Today, the FDA approved a new method of hormonal birth control called Lybrel. It's special because it's the only birth control method to date designed to postpone your period as long as you take it--and you can take it 365 days a year. (FYI to Bilerico readers who've never taken the pill: other methods are designed to be used for 3 out of 4 weeks, and during that fourth week you get a light "mini" period. The point of Lybrel is that you get pregnancy prevention AND get to skip your period altogether.)

Not to let any scientific advancement go unchallenged, Leslee Unruh and the good folks at the Abstinence Clearinghouse are coming out in full force against Lybrel. From the press release:

A drug to halt a woman's monthly period has no apparent medical value... "I am astounded," said Dr. Glen Ridder, medical advisor of the National Abstinence Clearinghouse. "A woman's period should not be treated like a disease, or as a symptom of a disease. It is a natural part of their female reproductive system--how are women to take this news? Why are they being told there is something wrong with them, and that they need drugs to fix it?"

"This business is cause for great concern in our society," said Leslee Unruh, President of the Clearinghouse. "Without proper respect for her own body, a woman is doomed to reject the beauty of her person, and society can expect to continue to see sexism and misogyny flourish."

Ignoring for a moment the many many women I know who have been waiting for a pill like Lybrel and will be superhappy to be able to skip their periods, let me just say: AS IF the Abstinence Clearinghouse is last line of defense for women's health! As if Leslee Unruh is Miss Wicca Moon-Goddess Menses-is-beautiful! She would probably flip the f*** out if she glimpsed the ads for menstrual cups in bitch magazine (or anything else in bitch, for that matter...)

This is the same woman who says the HPV vaccine is a NAMBLA conspiracy and that if you have sex with more than one person you "mess up your body processes" and "hormonal symphony" and you'll never ever have a simultaneous orgasm with a partner (whereas "pure" married couples "routinely" have simultaneous orgasms). She also says that:

the sex education world is full of pedophiles who want access to children and others who are trying to introduce bestiality into public school classes. "There's a lot of perversion out there, wacko weird sexual stuff."

The above is from Michelle Goldberg's book on how the Fundies run the government, Kingdom Coming.

Seriously, if feminism is now in the hands of Leslee Unruh, we can all trade in our jeans for petticoats, corsets, and chastity belts.

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Don't you mean three out of four months instead of weeks? Then you'd get a period the 4th month - which tells you that it's time for another shot, etc.

I'm sorry. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around an "abstinence clearinghouse". Why do I get this mental image of getting ready to do the deed when Ed McMahon pops in and tells me I may already be a winner?

Seriously. Once I had that thought, I desperately wanted to know what 'clearinghouse' meant for sure, so I looked it up: 'central operation for processing transactions and for collecting, storing, and disseminating information.' Really? How much information can there be to disseminate when your message is "Don't Do It"?

Bil: actually, the tradition pill is on a three week cycle and then you take a placebo on the fourth week of the cycle. Many women I know already skip the placebo and just keep taking the real pill so they'll missing their periods. Lybrel is really nothing new. It's just officially administered that way.

Depo-Prevara is the shot that has you miss your period for three months and then on the fourth month you get it.

Lesbianism (imho) is the BEST form of birth control. But if the cost of Lybrel is comparable to buying pads/tampons each month, I'm totally going to go get a prescription!

Jen Jorczak | May 24, 2007 8:49 AM

Serena: thanks for clearing up Bil's Q. You are of course, totally right about lesbianism being a 100% effective form of birth control!

Paula: it's a clearinghouse, alright, but your definition is easier to understand when you realize that the AC is warehouse and distribution point for MISinformation--seriously, these people are all about lies, stereotypes (sexist and heterosexist), spin, and (their particular brand of) religion.

Thanks Serena. I'm obviously not hip on birth control methods. (When I came out in high school, everyone would ask "Why are you gay?!?" and I'd always say, "So I don't have to worry about birth control!")

Our daughter just started Depo-Prevara, so I thought that was what Jen was referring to. I had no idea about the pill. None.

Way to go guys - I learned something new today!