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There was a brawl on The View

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Cat FightSo have you been watching The View this week? Holy moley! Things are hitting the boiling point faster than George W can say, "Mission Accomplished."

By now if you've been a regular reader you'll know that I TIVO The View and watch it after primetime TV. As I explained last night to Alex on the phone (who cackled when he found out I was a regular "view"er), it makes for good night time TV. The first section I watch usually, and then by the time they go on to celebrity interviews and the like, I've started talking to Jerame, surfing the internet or playing a game. But this week has been a doozy!

First, on Monday the four regular hosts got into an argument over something that Rosie said about the war in Iraq. While Ro's position wasn't that well articulated, basically what she said is that we've killed more Iraqis than terrorists killed on 9/11. She questioned why everyone we're killing over there is supposed to be a "terrorist," and suggested that the Bush administration was simply painting with a broad brush to keep Americans afraid. All of which I agree with. Numbskull Elizabeth Hasselbeck disagreed of course and the discussion went downhill - devolving into a very heated argument that even had Barbara Walters looking flustered.

On Tuesday, Rosie was pissed that right-wing news sources were saying that Rosie was against the troops and had called them terrorists. Ro asked Elizabeth if she thought Rosie called the troops terrorists and Liz hemmed and hawed. That made Ro even madder. But on Wednesday, the whole show blew up when Ro confronted Elizabeth on her non-defense against the right-wing onslaught. It all starts when Joy Behar calls for the Bush administration to be thrown out on their ass. It ends with Ro calling Elizabeth a coward and Joy crying out, "Is there not a director on this show? Let's go to commercial!"

Yowza. Kick ass Rosie. You go, girl.

(See the video from Wednesday's show after the jump)

Wednesday's show:

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I told Rosie- if it sounds like a duck and walks like a duck- it's a duck.

Rosie was silly to think she could be friends with this woman who last year when talking about gay marriage, said "what's next- people are going to want to marry their dogs"


It seems to me that Mrs. Hasselback finally got fed up with Rosies dopy and ill-informed arguments, vis-a-vis the 600,000 dead Iraqi misinformation, among her other assertions. And to challenge Rosie to defend her, "insinuations" seems valid: To say that we killed 600,000 innocent Iraqi civilians is to insinuate that our troops killed them.

One doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to follow it.

I think it is important to point out what started the discussion too. One of the Presidential candidates (I forget which one) had said that we needed to look at our current and previous policies to see what we've done to push the average Arabic person into terrorism. Rosie agreed and Elizabeth automatically started in with the "Terrorists are coming to get us!" screed. And that led to the problem area...

What I think Rosie was trying to articulate in her response was "Who are the terrorists?" It all depends on your point of view, doesn't it? To a majority of Iraqis, the American troops are the terrorists. To us, they are.

But when you have that many dead civilians, you really have to start to wonder. We went to war against Afghanistan (you know, that other war!) for far fewer dead citizens than have been killed by our troops in Iraq. That's just a basic fact. Not everyone killed in Iraq has been a "terrorist;" quite a few were children, civilians, and allies.

For Elizabeth to not defend a supposed friend - and instead to claim that her friend is "against the troops" - is pitiful and pathetic. I didn't have much respect for her to start with after watching this year, but now I've lost all that I had. I agree with Buck that Rosie should have known that Liz wouldn't be a good friend.

Bil - Joy referenced ultra-conservative isolationist GOP candidate Ron Paul, who said that we're hated in the Middle East because we're meddling too much over there. Rudy G. responded with "I was in New York on 9/11", and Joy was mad that Rudy would jsut play that card without any further explanation. And the "Rosie hates the troops" thing is, in fact, an extension of what Joy was talking about: bumper sticker accusations replacing actually seeking solutions to problems.

whosear - Ummmmm, if you're going to say that The Lancet study was incorrect, you're going to have to provide more proof than "I don't like its conclusion". It's the same methodology that the Dep't of the State has used to calculate the dead in Darfur, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, among other places. It's good enough for the Bush Admin and Condy to use for info when it's neutral towards their policy, but suddenly when it's against their policy, it's the worse methodology ever, without any specific reason as to why that study's inaccurate.

But I guess people like you don't let little things like facts get in the way of Conservative PC. Conservative PC is a whole lot like regular PC, except it's only about humanizing very specific groups when they advance a conservative agenda, and it's a whole lot more strict.

Rosie was implying that our government, George and his cronies, are terrorists. Not the troops themselves...

She made some point about that on her blog.