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The truth about hate crimes laws

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With a vote on the proposed federal hate crimes legislation possible this week, the far right fundies are foaming at the mouth and spewing lies and extremist rhetoric again. Check out this video sent to us by the Human Rights Campaign for some good information about what the religious right is saying/doing and how you can help to pass the legislation. The vote is expected on Thursday, May 4th.

So just to see what the rabid right were actually spouting off this time, I took a dip in the Jesus-Loves-Me-But-He-Can't-Stand-You waters. Here's a couple examples from the "American Family Association:"
The Hate Crimes Act criminalizes a vast array of state and local acts and threatens religious leaders with criminal prosecution for their thoughts, beliefs, and statements.

The intent of the Hate Crimes Act is to give special status to homosexuals. Republicans tried to expand the "protected class" in the bill to include senior citizens, pregnant women, prior victims, children under 18, the unborn, court witnesses, the military and more. Democrats defeated all amendments, projecting the welfare of homosexuals above other classes of citizens. -- from an e-mail alert

H.R. 1592 is ultimately a Thought Crimes law which aims to silence biblical Judeo-Christian speech and beliefs about homosexuality and "transgenderism." -- from the AFA website's action center

Oh yes, there's more...

From the Christian Broadcasting Network's (700 Club) May 1st broadcast:

"In no way am I homophobic but since I have been saved I've become 'hellophobic.' And I believe that we do not preach hate but I love homosexuals too much not to preach the truth," said Rev. Kim Daniels of Spoken Word Ministries.

These groups also believe this bill puts the framework in place for pastors and others to risk arrest if they preach or speak out against homosexuality. They refer to it as "thought crimes"

"Pro-abortion advocates would say keep your hand off my reproductive organs. Pro-gays shout stay out of our bedrooms. Christian ministers can rightfully say stay out of our pulpit," said Bishop Harry Jackson of High Impact Leadership Coalition.

And finally, the extremist Family Research Council not only spews the standard rhetoric, they provide 15 "things to consider." Of course, they are primarily hoping that their followers don't consider them too closely or they'll realize what a pile of bullshit these are...
If enacted this bill will radically expand the police power of the Federal Government, authorizing Federal police to train, assist and direct local law enforcement officers, and to investigate, prosecute and punish those suspected of violent crimes against persons who practice homosexuality or other unusual sexual practices, exacting punishments above and beyond what their crimes would otherwise merit if bias is deemed to have influenced their criminal act. Efforts to add protection for other groups to the bill, e.g., senior citizens, pregnant women, children, the unborn, court witnesses, military servicemen and women, and others perhaps more vulnerable, were rejected.

Things to consider:

1. This bill is an effort to control the thoughts of the American people and to require them to affirm homosexuality as a practice worthy of special status.

2. It grants special protection to those who choose certains unothodox brands of sexual practice, essentially awarding them more justice and giving less justice to those who do not choose such sexual practices. This is the exact opposite of "equal justice under the law." Homosexuals are favored over the young, the elderly, the indigent, the rich, the strong, the weak, and all who do not practice homosexuality.

3. It gives special protection to persons, not on the basis of their color, ethnicity, religion or other unchangeable characteristics, but on the basis of their preferred sexual practices. It is thus outrageously discriminatory.

4. Legalization of private sodomy was imposed upon our nation by unelected judges. Elected lawmakers are moving to enact this unconscionable bill.

5. Heavy penalties will be exacted against persons because of their beliefs, not actions.

6. This is an effort to forcibly control the thoughts of the American people.

7. It will result in investigations, criminal charges, criminal convictions, fines and imprisonment of persons because of their thoughts, religious faith or speech, over and above punishment their criminal acts may deserve.

8. An assault against the liberties of one American is an assault against all Americans.

9. This law makes federal government agents, an arm of the homosexual movement to force the homosexual agenda upon the American people.

10. In jurisdictions where such laws have been enacted, they have been used not only to punish those who commit violent acts, but those who "incite" such acts by their public disapproval of homosexuality - pastors, evangelists, and pro-family activists who speak the truth of Scripture. With time, pastors and evangelists will become accessories to crimes because they preach the truth about homosexual behavior.

11. The legal elevation of persons who practice homosexuality (and other deviant sex condemned by Scripture) spells the end of true religious liberty in America.

12. Violence against any person at any time for any reason is wrong. But penalizing politically incorrect, or religiously incorrect thought is wrong. Thomas Jefferson wrote "I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

13. Those who best understand the inner workings of this Congress are not optimistic about the bill's defeat in either house.

14. President Bush has given no signal that he will veto this bill if it passes.

15. Many Christians are confused and do not understand the seriousness, the implications or consequences of this bill.

If God-fearing Americans do not pray and act quickly, and a majority of lawmakers votes to enact this bill, our nation will cross a new threshold of official belligerence against persons who hold to the tenants of Christian faith, who believe homosexual acts are deviant, morally wrong and harmful to society.

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