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Ya know, your phone is tapped.

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Another blast from the past that brings to my mind a single question, "are our phones STILL being tapped?" It is so difficult to keep track of all the scandals of BushCo, right when you get ready to ask the follow-up question, 46 pounds of phone records from a high-priced DC madame fall into your lap. These records contain the names of over 10,000 of DC's power elite and she handed them over to ABC News.

I don't know about you, but I think there is someone at Homeland Security, right now, erasing tapes like crack addict with OCD.

We have some new characters in the strip today, here is a brief review.

Patrick is the Town Geek. Period. Got in on the computer craze years ago and quickly fell in love with a 300 baud modem, then fell in love with Rakarah. He now lives with his wife, two cats and his iMac. Yes, he finally moved out of his Mom's house.

Mort, also known as Death, a Horseman of the Apocalypse, is undercover as the new FEMA Director for Bush. He made his first appearance in the first special mini-series for TCD, Hurricane Lotto.


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