June 17, 2007

Qomics for Queers just might become obsolete if it weren't for intergenerational lovin'

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What a week! I'd imagine that I'd be blindfolded too if I'd been flying a plane and ducks attacked me on it. I knew these birds were striking after Sam here had their wetlands drained, but who knew that they'd...Read More

Qomics for Queers is basically an excuse for shameless self-promotion

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Many of you know that about two months ago I started a side project to my work here at Bilerico, Qomics for Queers. That's where I snark the funny pages and try to point out every queer reference and innuendo,...Read More

Happy Father's Day

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(Photograph by Mark Lee)...Read More

Hey, Pardner, just got in... Where's the bathhouse?

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[EDITOR'S NOTE]: The following is a guest post by Allen J. Lopp. He is one of bilerico.com's most prolific commentors, so when he submitted this piece we jumped at the chance to run it. Allen lives in rural southern Indiana...Read More

Sunday Funnies: "So you're a lesbian. Excellent choice" and The Colbert Report

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Here's a cute mockumentary called The Ten Rules: A lesbian survival guide. It's funny with a good, wholesome message at the end. The rest is after the jump, as well as some Colbert Report Mike Rogers emailed me about....Read More

Democrats Will Not Help You

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Coffee & Toast with Han-Shan Te-Ch'ing

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"A hundred thousand worlds are flowers in the sky, a single mind and body is moonlight in the water; once the cunning ends and information stops, at that moment there is no place for thought." -- Poet monk Han-Shan Te-Ch'ing,...Read More