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Are we really expected to believe this without, you know, evidence?

Filed By Alex Blaze | June 01, 2007 3:35 PM | comments

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Here's something that's been making its way around the LGBT and conservative blogospheres:

Officials said the three seropositive men invited gays contacted on the Internet to private homosexual orgies.

When the victims turned up, they were allegedly given ecstasy and GBH (which is undetectable when mixed in drinks), leaving them helpless and, in some cases, with no memory of what happened.

The three suspects -- one of whom is a male nurse -- were said to have raped the men, and even injected some of them with a mix of their contaminated blood.

Yes, these people are shockingly horrible if these allegations are true. But this story just sounds so fake to me. Not the rape part, because the victims have knowledge of that happening and man-on-man rape does occur and needs to be recognized and fought against. But the injection part? It really sounds like part of an AIDS-phobic fantastic nightmare, where even being around HIV-positive people will lead to infection, if not through tears or swimming in the same pool, then because they'll drug you and infect you.

Sure, the article indicates that they confessed (actually the local police chief said they did, but the records of that haven't been released). But false confessions do happen. And when this entire bizarre story so far seems to only rest on those confessions, I'm going to hold out for further proof.

One other thing: do you know what happens when someone receives the wrong blood type? Their red blood cells break open, their kidneys fail, and shock occurs, all potentially fatal. So unless testing their victims' blood type was part of this whole thing, then at least some of these victims would already be dead.

I'm not saying that the victims are liars, especially since they didn't report being injected with seropositive blood. What I am saying is that this story is making headlines because it's so sensationalistic, and sensationalistic in an obviously homophobic and AIDS-phobic way, and that means that we should be questioning its veracity.

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