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Coffee & Toast with Kathy Griffin

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"I have been asked this a lot, and I've thought about it a lot. As I learn more about the gay community I think it's kind of about fighting to be part of something and fighting to be noticed and taken seriously but always with a sense of outrageousness. That's what I love about Bette, because she used to say 'F--- 'em if they can't take a joke.' And then there's Liza, who overcame drugs and this overbearing man or that overbearing man and an outrageous mother. They love me because I'm outrageous, and I love them as an audience because they're the unshockable gays, which is what comedy should be about. But when I was in high school I went to prom with the gay kid, and I've always been friends with the gay kids. What I admire about the gay community, and what I wish women would learn, is that they are good at organizing and getting stuff done, while women attack each other. I think the gay community is very good about that, they get together they mobilize and they stand up against so much abject adversity." -- Comedian Kathy Griffin in response to the question "What do you have in common with other female entertainers like Bette, Barbra or Liza that make gay men love you?"

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Holy Hannah I can't stand Kathy Griffin. She's so mean and not funny!

I remember a few years back she was going to grand marshall Spokane Pride, but no one bought tickets to her show that she was going to do while she was there so she didn't come. OOPS!

I love her. I went to her show earlier this month and it was excellent, can't wait to see her again!

I can take her or leave her. She makes me laugh sometimes and other times she just annoys the hell out of me. Margaret Cho is the same way. I like Kate Clinton and Susanne Westenhoffer (did I spell that right?!) more than either Kathy or Margaret.