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Crush on Obama?

Filed By Bruce Parker | June 18, 2007 8:32 AM | comments

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Over on the the G-Spot Magazine blog they recently posted the Obama Girl video that is making the rounds on the internet as well as through most mainstream news forums. They framed the discussion over there around whether the video was objectifying Obama. I wouldn't frame the discussion around objectification at all but if I were going to I would wonder what it means for the girl who is obviously lip syncing the words to objectify herself by wearing the Obama daisy duke shorts or tight t-shirts that she wears on behalf of Obama's campaign.

Here is the video,

I think the more interesting conversation is how are things like this video and the anti-Hillary commercial that are attracting a lot of attention from younger potential voters and the avid internet users going to affect Obama's chances of victory? Will they have any affect at all? I am curious what you, our readers, think about this question.

The anti-Hillary commercial from earlier is after the jump.

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I personally read the comments on the G-Spot about objectification as meaning the girl objectifying herself. I didn't read anything that said Obama was being objectified. But maybe I am missing something?