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Filed By Alex Blaze | June 30, 2007 3:00 PM | comments

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  • The Council of Europe's human rights commissioner gave Poland a failing grade in human rights due in large part to their policies and rhetoric towards gays and lesbians. (International Herald-Tribune)
  • The Senate Appropriations committee passed a bill that increased funding to fight diseases, like AIDS, in developing countries, and the House voted to maintain a needle-exchange program in DC and eliminate federal funding for the DC domestic partnership registry. (Washington Post)
  • Former CBS producer Richard N. Jefferson is suing his former employer, accusing them of firing him for complaining about anti-gay harassment. (Newsday)
  • The city of Kalamazoo will continue to provide domestic partner benefits for the same-sex partners of city employees despite a Michigan state Supreme Court ruling. (Kalamazoo Gazette)
  • Bilerico just got rated NC17 by Mingle2 because we've used the words "gay", "lesbian", and "queer" a lot. Check it out:

  • Gore Vidal is suing Edmond White for writing a play that implies that he had a sexual relationship with Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. (
  • A new study from the University of California at Davis found that nearly four in 10 gay men and about one in eight lesbians and bisexuals. (
  • A Philadelphia corrections officer lost his job for forcing two women to put on a sex show for him. (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • The British military issued an apology for expelling gays and lesbians in the past. (PinkNews)
  • Liberal PM Joe Comuzzi became a conservative Tory in Canada over several issues, one of which was same-sex marriage. (Globe and Mail)

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A. J. Lopp | June 30, 2007 8:06 PM

"Gay"? ... "Lesbian"? ... "Queer"? ... those are "dirty" words?

Wow! Could you please collect all my previous comments and posts into one area and have them rated separately? I won't re-list all the "dirty" words I've used ... that might cause Bilerico to be re-rated as "triple-X"!!

Forgive me, I thought this was a GLBT-oriented blog ... not a day-care center.

P.S. The apology from the British military is a good start. While the British government is in an apologetic mode, now might be a good time for them to issue an apology for harrassing genius mathematician, war intelligence hero, and the "Father of Modern Computing" Alan Turing into committing suicide because he was gay.