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Mike Jones' book to come out soon

Filed By Alex Blaze | June 01, 2007 2:32 PM | comments

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Mike Jones, the male escort that outed National Evangelical Association leader Ted Haggard, is due to put out his book on the matter. From Colorado Confidential:

Jones promised his expose would be heavy on the details -- and boy does he deliver! There's lots of French kissing, crotch nuzzling, porn-watching (evolving from the vanilla porn where the guys "giggle a lot," to the hard-core man sex stuff). There is "Art"'s little canvas bag full of sex toys, and how he pays to watch Jones having sex with another man. How he prefers just one tea candle.

There are the tender parts, where he says stuff to Jones like, "I feel like we made a connection," and how "Art" really gets a kick out of trying on Jones' "Stars 'n' Stripes" thong. Interwoven through the book are chapters about Jones; his childhood, his family -- particularly his beloved mother, who died last year -- and growing up in Colorado and becoming a bodybuilder and male escort. There is the weirdness of the meth -- and how excited it seemed to make "Art." Over time, "Art" emotionally gets needier.

It actually sounds kind of sad and sweet. This guy who had so much invested in homophobia and heterosexuality isn't able to really connect with anyone sexually, and so he becomes attached to a prostitute.

But everything's OK now that he's completely straight.

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