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Oh, look, another homophobe. Thanks George W.

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BushCo is like a bad case of herpes; he's the gift that just keeps on giving... It's not enough that he just nominated Judge Leslie Southwick to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals - a man known for racist and homophobic comments. Now, Dubya wants to promote James Holsinger, a doctor who doesn't value science, to the position of Surgeon General.

In fact, the White House press release states:

As America's chief health educator, he will be charged with providing the best scientific information available on how Americans can make smart choices that improve their health and reduce their risk of illness and injury. ... I am confident that Dr. Holsinger will help our Nation confront this challenge and many others to ensure that Americans live longer, better, and healthier lives.

But in reality, Dr. Holsinger ignores scientific information in favor of his religious beliefs. In fact, the good "doctor" founded Hope Springs Community Church, a Kentucky congregation that ministers to those with addictions - including homosexuality. According to the man of science, "We see that as an issue not of orientation but of lifestyle. We have people who seek to walk out of that lifestyle." That's right, Dr. Holsinger's believes you can pray away the gay.

A couple other factoids about the man's homophobia:

In serving on the United Methodist Judicial Council -- the "court" that resolves "disputes involving church doctrine and policies in the nation's second-largest Protestant denomination" -- Holsinger "opposed a decision to allow a practicing lesbian to be an associate pastor, and he supported a pastor who would not permit an openly gay man to join the church." [Lexington Herald-Leader, 6/1/07]

In the early 1990s, Holsinger resigned from the United Methodist Church's Committee to Study Homosexuality "because he believed the committee 'would follow liberal lines.'" He also warned "that acceptance of homosexuality would drive away millions of churchgoers." [Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 5/26/07; Time, 6/24/91]

Good ole BushCo - providing the absolute best in unqualified numnutz for several years. A horse show judge becomes FEMA director, a lawyer who thinks the Geneva Conventions are a brand of toilet paper becomes our Attorney General, and now for Surgeon General we get a man at odds with every medical association in the nation. What the hell is left? Paris Hilton for Education Secretary?

By this point I'm so disgusted that impeachment is too good for him. Can't we tar and feather him and ship him off to Saudi Arabia?

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Jen Jorczak | June 4, 2007 12:00 PM

Let's not forget that he put a doctor who thinks you can pray away PMS in charge of the FDA committee on reproductive health drugs and another doctor who "doesn't believe in birth control" in charge of Title X--the federal freakin' family planning budget/ service!!

I'm sure (he thinks) Paris would be great, but I think he's actually gonna with one of the Dobson-disciple "christian" home-schoolers for EduSec.

Saudi Arabia's too good for him--the Bush family still has too many allies there. Let's tar & feather him, then ship him to Iraq, N Korea, France, or New Orleans.

A. J. Lopp | June 4, 2007 12:36 PM

Maybe he could be tarred, feathered, and sent on a hunting trip with Dick Cheney?

A horse show judge becomes FEMA director
From what I remember, Brownie was the head horse show judge. Bush is looking out for us....

But you forgot to mention the mother of all bad nominations - John Bolton, who detests the UN, caught on tape hating it, and one of the least diplomatic people in the US throwing staplers at people's heads, for the recess nomination to be our diplomat to the UN.

Oh, and there was Harriet Myers too.

Good one, Jen! I wish I'd thought of New Orleans. LOL

And, as for all of Bush's fuckups in nominations, Alex... This post would have been a hell of a lot longer if I'd listed them all! *grins* But John Bolton is another excellent example, as is Harriet "Luvs me some Dubya!" Myers. So now we're up to 4 more examples of crappy decision making on Dubya's part, plus the five I gave.

*crawls off into the corner and curls up into a fetal position*

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