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OMG, how plagiaristic, Yahoo!'s new gossip blog

Filed By Alex Blaze | June 18, 2007 3:00 PM | comments

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Frank of !! omg blog !! just put up a post about Yahoo!'s new gossip blog: omg! Check out their design:
omg yahoo.JPG

I see Yahoo!'s going with the lower case "omg" instead of "Oh, my God", the exclamation point, the same gossip boy voice on every headline, and the hot-pink-on-black text on the right. Now, what other site on the internet does that as well? Oh, yeah, !! omg blog !! does.

Frank says:

In case you were wondering: No, I have not partnered with Yahoo! to create yet another derivative celebrity gossip rag. They are just flagrantly copying !! omg blog !! in more ways than they should.[...]

Content-wise, I can't claim the sole right to post photos of Paris Hilton pumping gas (especially in light of my strict no-Hilton-content-ever policy), but I do take special offense at the direct thievery of my blog's name, punctuation, and color scheme.

I know what he means. Bloggers spend a lot of time and a lot of energy on their sites, just as I have since I started last year, and the only thing most of us get in return is recognition. I know that Frank has real ads up there, but the only way that bloggers are able to compete with big corporate internet conglomerations like Yahoo!, which have huge staffs of tech people, designers, writers, and photographers, is with our creativity.

Sure, !! omg blog !! isn't the pinnacle of culture and journalism, but Frank does a pretty good job with it and keeps it interesting. Check out his full post, and help him send a nasty-gram to Yahoo! if you can.

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