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Our big poll results

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Bil posted a survey last week to find out more about our readers' sex and sexual identities. The best part of the results is that I posted several surveys about three months ago on this site, and this survey got about twice as many responses as those did, so awesome!

But here are the results for the question about people's sex:

Female 25%
Male 66%
Transgender/Intersex 2%
Gender Neutral 4%
Other 2%

The idea for this survey was sparked in the comments of the big Blogads survey that we have been posting about for the last month (the one that all the other blogs participated in), since we received similar results from the other survey. We hoped that asking the questions not using the Blogads survey's form would: a) encourage more people to respond since the Blogads survey was very long; and b) provide options for people who might not identify with one of the two sexes generally accepted as legible.

We got similar same result when it comes to men and women who read the site. It's a bit more balanced than the general Blogads results from last year, which said that 72% of blog readers identified as "male". Not many people identified as transexual or intersex before they identified as male or female, according to our survey.

The other question that we asked, about readers' sexual identity, got these results:

Gay/Lesbian 68%
Straight 15%
Bisexual 8%
Celibate 1%
Other 8%

Not really surprised about these ones, considering most of the comments we get on here generally indicate that the commenter identifies as gay or lesbian or don't indicate anything in this category at all.

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A. J. Lopp | June 19, 2007 12:48 AM

Alex, good info, and you did say "about twice as many [as before]" ... but we readers could interpret the significance of these percentages even better if you would tell us the number of total respondents who completed the survey ... in other words, how big was your sampling population? (Of course, the bigger the sample, the more reliable the results, generally speaking --- at least, that's what they teach us in Statistics 101.)


Thanks for doing this survey; it's quite interesting.

However, I feel that it has a serious flaw regarding sex/gender. By asking "with which gender do you most identify?" and allowing only one answer to be selected, you limit the transgender respondent's ability to be fully represented.

Granted, I could have chosen "other" and entered "transgender female" in the box. But who really wants to be labeled as "other" even in the LGBT community?