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Pansy Division's always appropriate

Filed By Alex Blaze | June 06, 2007 3:16 PM | comments

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The nomination of James Holsinger to surgeon general and the subsequent discovery of his "Pathophysiology of Male Homosexuality" reminded me of a Pansy Division song. The audio's NSFW, and my saying that makes me realize that I'm a bigger prude than Holsinger.

Yeah, this guy is supposed to be in a great position to improve the health of our nation, and all he can think about is plumbing. What are the chances he'll give our teens the information they need to make intelligent decisions about safe sex? Are we to believe that he'll show compassion and concern for the AIDS epidemic or any other STD? Can someone who thinks that men doing anal sex is something to obsess and consternate over but thinks that him doing his wife in the butt is holy really be trusted to make fair decisions regarding public health? I said before that John Bolton was Bush's worst nominee, but I'm beginning to think that Holsinger takes the cake.

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Unless "Pathophysiology of Male Homosexuality" was written when Holsinger was 14 he should be criticized as much for poor writing as he is for what he wrote. This paper gives me doubt that he can put together a reasonably structured coherent paragraph, much less serve as surgeon general.

Oh fo sho. It's totally poorly written, but I don't think that we're dealing with the brain trust here.

Page Two... | June 7, 2007 10:03 AM

Dr. Holsinger's partner in crime on national Methodist governing bodies, is often Indiana State Sen. Patricia Miller. Tolerance is not their byproduct. They'd reject all gay Methodists from the church if they could, and frighteningly, they are not alone. They and their ilk ahve wormed their way, slowly, into many national governing bodies of the UMC, and, sadly, they now control one or two. Most Methodists hang their heads in shame over this lack of attention to their tribe.

To Dr. H's credit, his colleagues report he was always able, at the University of Ky., to separate his religious views from his educational responsibilities and views.

(I know, "University of Kentucky" and "education" in the same sentence, are kinda oxymoronic, but play along)

That being said, nomination for Surgeon General carries additional responsibilities. He would be the nation's chief health officer. As such, he needs to widen his horizons, or we need to reject the nomination.

Given he's well into his 60s, and his track record thus far is spotty at best, I'm for rejecting the nomination.

Old dogs can learn new tricks. I'd prefer they do it without hyper-mixing my religion and my government. Call me crazy.

His hyper-mix often contains faulty logic. My God would not approve. That whole "Judge Not" and "Love Thy Neighbor" thing...pesky Biblical teachings are oft twisted for individual distortions and opinions. But The Judge and Love things, they're pretty universal and undebateable.