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Since Rosie left it's been all downhill

Filed By Bil Browning | June 21, 2007 9:33 AM | comments

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Tags: birth control, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, evangelical Christian, fundamentalists, LGBTQ community, marriage, Rosie O'Donnell, Star Parker, The View

Boy, The View just isn't the same since Rosie packed up her toys and went home, is it? Did you see Star Parker as the recent guest host? The far right wingnut certainly made some ripples when she denied that evolution existed, bashed gay marriage and denounced birth control. I'm sure she's just what they're looking for now - someone to back up poor lonely Bush apologist Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

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The View used to be fun to watch, even occasionally informative. Now it's just a media whore, working the screen for ratings with nutbag du jour sitting next to the moderator.

It's funny...a show designed for and about women engaging in political discourse [even of the mundane kind] is run by a man. Remember the Viewmaster? He used to sit in the front row and the "girls" would joke with him and about him. And everybody would laugh.

It has been implied that many of the changes on The View essentially fall on his shoulders. Apparently he doesn't like Rosie. Apparently Rosie asked him not to sit in the front anymore. And some have suggested he's responsible for the string of nutbags du jour who have been guest-hosting.

The show for women run by a man [who might not actually like women all that much].

The show will likely see an 11th season and then disappear into television history. Rosie's departure signifies the shark jump. She was a big band-aid that did nothing to suture a mortal wound from the departure of Meredith Viera and Star Jones. All the nutbags du jour are doing is pouring salt on that wound.

Zach Adamson | June 21, 2007 11:33 PM

Holy shit that was nuts... (but I love it..).....

Jen Jorczak | June 22, 2007 10:49 AM

It's one thing to try to get some diversity on the panel--it's another when you let the fundies take over the show. I'm with Joy: ready to throw up.