July 7, 2007

Weekend queer reader

Filed by Alex Blaze | July 07, 2007 | 12:50 PM | comments

Joanne Herman provides historical context for transphobic ideology: Raymond based her book on what was known about transsexualism at the time, which was not much. Empire gave the appearance of providing well-researched insights into a much-unknown population. Her book became...Read More

YGST: Hot for Hill

Filed by Bil Browning | July 07, 2007 | 8:19 AM | comments

This clip has been roaring around the web the past couple of days. While Barack may have a pretty girl with a "Crush on Obama," Hillary's not doing to shabby in the pretty girl department either!...Read More


Homotextual: Harvey Firestein

Filed by Ed Team | July 07, 2007 | 7:02 AM | comments

"To me, if a heterosexual has a right to do it, then I have a right to do it." -- Actor and activist Harvey Firestein...Read More

Real estate speculation in so many forms

Filed by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore | July 07, 2007 | 3:10 AM | comments

I was going to sit on my favorite newspaper box to get some sun, but some bar has decided to have a smoky barbecue right on the sidewalk so I keep walking, past Van Ness even and then the strange...Read More