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[ASIDE:] Covering the "gay" news beat has never been my thing; I'm just not that good at pumping out blog posts about each news story that comes out. Certain things fall through the cracks, and I'm more likely to give you my opinion on the topics I'm personally interested in. As we've grown, I'm noticing that several of our new contributors seem to be of the same blog-type. Every Wednesday or so I'll be throwing out one of these news roundups for some items we haven't talked about here at The Bilerico Project. Feel free to leave post ideas and links to other stories in the comments - we'll keep an eye on them and one of us might use something!

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the state's constitutional amendment did not affect the domestic violence protections of unmarried couples. The judgement came after lower courts offered differing opinions on whether unmarried couples could be covered under "living as a spouse."

Couples from New Mexico can now get married legally. In Massachusetts. You know, some restrictions may apply and whatnot. Or was the story that couples from New Mexico can now win Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes? Hell, I dunno. Either way, it's not much of a story.

While we're doing the whole relationship roundup apparently, school district employees from Ann Arbor, Michigan can keep their domestic partnership benefits after the Michigan Supreme Court threw out the lawsuit against the benefits. The bench didn't touch the Constitutionality issue - instead ruling the plaintiffs didn't have a reason to sue. Couples in Washington state have started registering as domestic partners under the state's new law to offer some protections to LGBT partners.

And finally, the CDC is recruiting volunteers from the US, Botswana and Thailand to test a new HIV vaccine while Indonesia is considering micro-chipping HIV+ people.

Got more? Sockitome.

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