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  • Fannie explains why straights have to divide and label queer sexuality:

    Queer people, for some reason, have to “prove” their sexuality through empirical evidence. We are asked to divulge our entire sexual histories, fantasies, dreams, aspirations, experiences in order to be correctly cataloged into our proper label. But, we don’t seem to have the same kind of interest in straight sexuality. This kind of discourse implies that straight sexuality is somehow ordinary, uniform, and the status quo.

  • Faggoty-ass Faggot takes a trip to the Creation Museum:

    But I have real problems with the Young Earth movement. The Earth is just 6,000 years old? Despite the piles and piles of evidence?

    You'll note the dinosaur at the gates of the Creation Museum.

    Answers in Genesis has a real hard-on for dinosaurs -- a hard-on the group will never do anything about because masturbation is homosexual behavior, right?

  • Keith Boykin tells the Democrats to grow some ovaries:

    But if the Democrats simply want to buy into the Republican scheme, then they might as well give up the fight and pass a new amendment to the Constitution: "No bill approved by a majority of the Senators shall be passed until 10 Republicans decide that they like it too." Let's call it the 28th Amendment.

  • Nona Willis-Aronowitz responds to the conservative women's movement's assumption of the Madonna/whore dichotomy:

    Forced expectations, whether the pressure to be sexual or the pressure to be chaste, always hurts. Some women do feel a burden to be too sexual too early, and they should not be shunned for choosing otherwise. But just because feminists should acknowledge unhappy teen girls doesn't mean they should have to denounce the gains of the sexual revolution. Sexual liberation forever expanded the definition of "good sex," which is precisely the legacy in danger of being reversed by sexual conservatives.

  • Shana Naomi Krochmal explains the state of gay comedy by straight men.

    But as the erudite gay humor exemplified by Broadway adaptations and highbrow sitcoms continues to fall out of favor, new guys are stepping up with their own brand of brash comedy. The smartest, funniest commentary on America’s so-called culture wars, especially our million-year war with the fundamentalist right, is on Comedy Central. It’s being translated into blockbuster comedies that sell out at suburban multiplexes and rule conversations at the cafeteria, not the water cooler. Conveniently enough, those fabled mainstream viewers are exactly the people we need if we ever hope to be considered more than second-class citizens.

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