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  • Helen Boyd and Julia Serano sit down with Curve magazine:

    We grow up with a profound, persistent, subconscious understanding that we should be female. Like women in general, some of us are feminine, some masculine, some a little of both. But more often than not, what drives us to transition is not our desire to express femininity, but rather our sense of femaleness. So in a sense, the assumption that femaleness and femininity are the same thing confuses the dialogue. We are using the same words to describe very different things.

  • The Advocate covers Austin community's saving of a local LGBT youth center:

    After 16 years of providing support and leadership opportunities to young LGBT people, Out Youth found that its absence would not go unnoticed. “It was sort of a wake-up call,” says Kevin Lemoine, the organization’s treasurer. “Some of our youth organized independently to maintain the sense of community they got at OY. People began to talk about how important Out Youth was to the community and that they didn't want it to die.”

  • Katia Hetter relates stories of relationship food drama:

    I’d never seen anyone use dairy as a weapon before.

    When I mulled over our conversation, I realized that we both had a problem. Hers may have been control through cheese, but I saw that I lacked food confidence—not to mention a healthy way to choose a partner. In my 20s and early 30s, I subconsciously sought out the food sadists, those women who wanted to criticize my choices of cheese, meat, and drink.

  • Digby examines Romney's and Giuliani's conservative credentials on race:

    I agree that it's very bad policy to think in those terms, but if you were a northeastern Morman or a New York City Italian-American with a socially liberal past you'd have to find some kind of dog whistle to signal to the southern conservative base of the GOP that you are one of them. If you have to take religion, choice and gay rights off the table, that only leaves you with one thing: r...a...c...e.

  • Max Blumenthal exposes the Religious Right's building attacks on Romney's conservative cred:

    This carefully sequenced attack on Romney over hotel porn is just the opening volley in what appears to be a concerted effort to doom his candidacy. Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association's Michigan chapter, told me, "This is just part of a broader pattern of concern over Mitt Romney's record of aggressively promoting abortion on demand, the homosexual agenda and gun control. We are judging Romney by his record."

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I highly recommend the curve interview! Helen is always spot on, but this is one of the best interviews with her that I've read or listened to yet.

Absolutely, Kelly. I learned a lot from that interview.