August 18, 2007

Queer weekend reader

Filed by Alex Blaze | August 18, 2007 | 3:31 PM | comments

Maggie Quale begins her journey to lesbian motherhood: We are women obsessed. Yesterday I stuffed a beach ball under my dress and walked around playing pregnant while I vacuumed and paid the bills. I even picture-messaged a photo of myself...Read More

Fred Thompson's Not Down With the Gays

Filed by Michael Crawford | August 18, 2007 | 12:25 PM | comments

Fred Thompson, the Law and Order actor who is considering a run for the Republican presidential nomination, is not a fan of the gays. In fact, not only is he not a fan of the gays, he wants a amendment...Read More


Break out the welcome wagon!

Filed by Bil Browning | August 18, 2007 | 9:20 AM | comments

Uncork the bubbly, folks! Why? Because we're growing again! Two new contributors will be joining The Bilerico Project on Monday! Please welcome the two ladies to the Project with your warmest wishes. We look forward to everything they have to...Read More

Truth In Numbers, Hate Crimes Statistics

Filed by Marti Abernathey | August 18, 2007 | 9:11 AM | comments

From a recent report out of UCLA entitled: Comparison of Hate Crimes Rates Across Protected and Unprotected Groups ( by Rebecca Stotzer, Public Policy Research Fellow at the Williams Institute) Current proposed legislation would change certain existing federal hate crime...Read More


Homotextual: Mike Gravel

Filed by Ed Team | August 18, 2007 | 7:58 AM | comments

"If Hillary misspoke, I urge her to immediately admit it and move on. If she's on a personal journey toward accepting gay marriage, like John Edwards, that's fine. Even he admits his opposition to marriage equality is irrational. But as...Read More

YGST: Do you have a secret?

Filed by Bil Browning | August 18, 2007 | 7:42 AM | comments

Have you heard of It is an incredibly powerful site that encourages folks to mail in postcards with their secrets on them so the site can post them online. Thousands of people have participated in this amazing convergence...Read More

Disturbing "ex-gay" children's book excerpted previously here... My thoughts:

Filed by Gina de Vries | August 18, 2007 | 4:23 AM | comments

Alex's post about an "ex-gay" children's book is disturbing and involves illustrated child molestation. Wow. Just... wow. The implications here--that childhood sexual abuse *makes* people queer, and that being queer is obviously bad--are pretty horrifying. As a survivor of childhood...Read More