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Tony Snow to resign

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Fox News personality and former Rush Limbaugh Show guest host Tony Snow was hired by the Bush Administration in early 2006 as Press Secretary. After a great year and a half, Snow's stepping down, citing "financial pressures" ($168K/year just isn't enough to get by in this country anymore). ThinkProgress has the list of key resignations in the Bush Administration. (Maybe White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten needs to take a worker retention course.)

So in honor of His Douchebagness, here are some YouTube highlights from his tenure as Press Secretary, all after the jump.

This one's great: he tells Helen Thomas she's a liar for saying that the US rejected a UN cease-fire resolution (she was right) and then called her a terrorist:

Tony Snow here yuks it up with David Gregory about those hateful and polarizing blogs (the Fourth Estate is dead, it would seem):

But he's not your friend, David! Don't you remember that anyone who disagrees with the Bush Administration is just being partisan? (Clip from Imus, I know):

Tony Snow "doesn't want to hug the tar baby" when he's under pressure trying to defend domestic spying (of course it's the media's fault; two conservatives on TV shows for every liberal just isn't enough):

Remember when he said that there wasn't a civil war going on in Iraq and that things were improving in early 2006? No? Well, here's the clip:

And here's a Supreme Douchbag interview. I can't even list all the douchebag moments:

Oh, well, it's a tough job making the White House look good and Tony did it the only way he knew how. Now he can be put back on a 7-figure salary instead of a meager 6-figure like a rube and get back to his normal lifestyle.

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