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Giuliani Flips So Far He Kisses Himself On His Ass

Filed By Ellen Andersen | August 15, 2007 3:15 PM | comments

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There's been a lot of buzz here on The Bilerico Project and across the web about recent Logo/HRC presidential debate and the candidates' generally appalling efforts to distance themselves from the prospect of same-sex marriage, while generally embracing some form of civil unions.

I think it bears noting this point that for all the tap-dancing by Democrats the worst of them is far better on LGB issues than the best of the Republican candidates. I'm omitting the T because transgender issues don't seem to be on any candidate's radar screen at this point. (More after the jump)

Mitt Romney led the fight against marriage equality in Massachusetts and favors a federal constitutional amendment designed to fence same-sex couples out of marriage permanently

John McCain opposes both marriage equality and civil unions, though he does believe that states ought to be able to make their own choices on the issue. But he allows that a federal constitutional ban might be indicated if courts start overturning state laws.

And the supposedly pro-gay Giuliani? Has bent so far backwards on the subject of same-sex marriage that he can now kiss himself on his own ass. Once upon a time, Giuliani trumpeted his pro-gay creds. Some of his best friends were gay. Literally. When Giuliani split from his second wife, he moved in with two of his buddies, a gay male couple in a long-term relationship. And as late as 2004, Giuliani supported civil unions though not marriage equality. But earlier this year, anxious to burnish his conservative creds, he came out (pun intended) in opposition to New Hampshire's new civil unions legislation, because it's too similar to marriage...

So while we're busy piling on the Dem presidential candidates for being wusses on LGBT issues, let's not forget that they're still a whole heap better than their Republican counterparts. I'm just saying.

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Leland Frances | August 15, 2007 4:12 PM

Thanks for saying all of this, Ellen! And I fear we are going to have to say it over and over again through the primaries and general election. I try to tell myself that people who post on blogs are not representative of people overall, but if they are even close we are in deep doo doo because of all of the "all or nothing" people. If I screamed everytime I read, "All politicians are alike;" "The Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans;" "Vote for the Wishful Thinking Candidate; etc., etc., I would be permanently hoarse. Add to them the apparent 21-23 % of self-identified gays who STILL voted for Bush in 2004 and it is to weep....