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The Advocate is putting together a list of the top 40 gay heroes in the past 40 years, and you can vote away at the nominees here. Project contributors Rev. Irene Monroe and Patricia Nell Warren made the list of nominees. Go them!

I thought I'd pass this along since we had fun with an open thread along similar lines last week. There's a blank for write-ins at the bottom. If you write in a nominee, come back here and tell us who it was. I wrote-in Michel Foucault.

(h/t Pam)

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I wrote in Mychal Judge. I'm flabbergasted that he's not on the list.

Congratulations to Rev Irene and Patricia! Two very great choices that I made sure to vote for!

Leland Frances | August 3, 2007 2:06 AM

It helps sometimes to read the rules, unless, of course, you inherited the game box without a lid.
In this case, though, the Advocate was explicit. Nominees must be/have been "totally out." For all his good works, if anyone believes Judge was, just walk into any number of Catholic churches in New York and say that. Or more precisely, that he was gay period, which many refuse to believe to the edge of violence. Based on the theory that "Good people CAN'T be gay," we suppose.

As for Foucault; chacun a son queer certainment, mais j'accuse him of being an overrated windbag; the dashboard Jesus of the sublimely arrogant and invincibly ignorant club known as Constructionist Chic. One can believe that the drugs required to endure being repeatedly fisted in the urine soaked recesses of San Francisco sex pig emporiums could contribute to one imagining that his fevered brain held a kind of high definition crystal ball through which he could peer into centuries past and pontificate with unprecedented omniscience upon what boys who kissed boys then thought or did not think about themselves. Why just the other morning, stone sober, I myself am convinced I saw the image of notre dame in my croissant. The waiter, whom I shall never over tip again however cute, insisted it looked more like my Aunt Sadie, the beast [the waiter, not my Aunt Sadie. But I digress.

We can take comfort that the Advocate didn't nominate their boi Reichen. But as for Foucault—what a crock, monsieur!

from which he could pontificate with such a priori omniscience

Zach Adamson | August 3, 2007 7:38 AM

I wrote in Chris Gonzalaz for IYG.