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Filed By Bil Browning | August 20, 2007 8:13 PM | comments

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A quick notice about some scheduled site maintenance... Comments will be disabled from approximately 8:30pm - 3am EST tonight. We are upgrading to the newest version of the Movable Type blogging platform. You won't see very many changes hopefully, but if you see bugs report them here please.

NOTE: The comments section will be changing slightly when it comes back on. If you're a regular reader you know about all of our SPAM problems. To combat this, we're giving everyone an option. You can either sign in as a registered user or you can leave a regular comment but it will be moderated (held before posting so Alex or I can read it and approve it). Obviously we'd like for you to sign in so we don't have to keep approving comments all day. *grins*

To encourage users to sign in, we're allowing you to use a TypeKey, LiveJournal, Vox, or OpenID accounts. Don't have an account at any of these? We'd be happy to create one for you here at the Project and you can use it. We won't sell or give out any of your information.

We'll talk to everyone in a few hours.

[UPDATE:] Comments are re-enabled. Thanks for your patience.

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I don't know if it was the upgrade or what, but quotes appear to be fixed in firefox. woot!

Yes, the blockquote problem should be fixed now. We've given in. Instead of waiting on Firefox to update their software, we've took off the design around the blockquotes. The problem was the rounded corners on the border. Seriously. (Look at other containers and see how the corners are rounded. The blockquote border is square now instead of rounded.) We just figured while we were in there fixing other problems we might as well eliminate that one too. LOL But do you know how hard it was to track down that the issue was rounded corners on a border in one browser on one operating system? *grins* I'm actually proud of Jerame for tracking this one down.

Go Jerame... :)

I think they look nicer without the rounded corners anyway.

When I try to comment logged in through TypeKey I get a permission denied error.

Jerame, thank you for all your work and agile deduction finding and resolving the blockquote problem. Despite all the "structured" and "object-oriented" coding jargon out there, I know that to troubleshoot web pages and Internet servers is to delve into layer upon layer of virtually impenetrable spaghetti code.

I'm glad, when Laurence Fishburn majestically stretched out his hand, you swallowed the red pill (or was it the blue pill?) and did not disappear, forever lost, into The Matrix!