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The Gay Angle at the YearlyKos Convention

Filed By Lane Hudson | August 04, 2007 11:10 AM | comments

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I was asked by the organizers of the YearlyKos Convention to lead the LGBT Caucus at this week's meeting of progressive bloggers and activists. Although unsure of what this would entail, I was happy to accept the responsibility.

The first thing I set out to do was to invite each of the Democratic Presidential campaigns to send a representative. Every campaign agreed to have a representative attend the Caucus meeting. However, only one campaign actually did.

Senator Chris Dodd's blogger was the only Presidential campaign staffer who took the time to stop by the meeting of gay and lesbian bloggers. Other candidates stopped in to introduce themselves, but the lack of representation from presidential campaigns is pathetic.

Sensitive to the perception that the demanding reputation of gays and the impatient reputation of bloggers could be a toxic mix, I made it clear to each campaign that the meeting would be informal and they would be welcome to simply introduce themselves and show that their campaign cared enough to show up.

That only one representative showed up is a blatant sign of disrespect to not only the LGBT bloggers who are here at YearlyKos but all LGBT bloggers.

Senator John Edwards's blogger did apologize for not being able to make it. No one else has bothered. But, no worries, I'll be making it clear to each of them that their absence was noticed.

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How VERY dissapointing. I really expected better. Of course, how many of these people were volunteer bloggers for the candidates as versus being members of staff? Campaign workers should definitely be there - volunteer bloggers maybe not if something else came up that interested them even more. And if we're talking about Joe Shmoe from Timbuktu that started blogging, say, the Kucinich campaign and who's main interest is in foreign policy, I can see why they might have skipped the LGBT caucus in favor of something related to foreign policy. Now if Kucinich is paying the blogger (like Edwards does) that's a completely different story.

And either way it goes, I'm just jealous that I can't be there! LOL

It's expected, sadly--we don't have anyone running who will fight with us or even lift a finger for us. Clinton hasn't done a thing for us (not even supporting our court fights here in NY or helping Spitzer). I'm just hoping Elizabeth Edwards pushes him more, and we do too (he's the only one worth anything, i think).

Jared Polis, Openly LGBT Dem running in Colorado's CD2 was there as well.

Andy Szekeres

It is indeed pathetic that none of the Presidential campaign bloggers except one saw fit to show up. It shows how far we have to go yet to get acceptance and as pointed out elsewhere it is an an insult to all LGBT bloggers. Obviously none of these candidatre's bloggers think that the gay block of voters is big enough to woo...sad because at roughly ten percent of the pepulation, we could if we came out in force, affect the course of an election.

Not even Dennis Kucinich's blogger? I find that very suprising! Maybe our problem is that in the wake of not finding true acceptance we are still hoping and wringing our hands for it when we should be doing what we do when we find such "acceptance" from our biological families -- we make our own supporting families of friends, thus, we should be forming our own GLBT lobby, our own GLBT Party (and not another shadow party like the Stonewall Democrats or the Log Cabin Republicans). The Founding Fathers didn't waiting hoping for their rights from England, they banded together and did what they had to do and so should we.

Oh please. Why don't you get over yourself and get a real job.