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Three new contributors!

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And we continue to grow. These three fabulous people will start as contributors next week:

Nadine Smith is the executive director of Equality Florida and the former co-chair of the Federation of Statewide LGBT Advocacy Organizations. She is a nationally recognized journalist, activist and politico.

Herndon Davis is a writer, television show host, and activist. He is the host of the Herndon Davis Diversity Reports and is the author of Black, Gay & Christian. Herndon currently serves as the communications director of the NBJC. Both he and Nadine, like all Project contributors who are associated with non-profits, will be blogging as individuals, not representatives of their organizations.

Fannie Fierce will be starting here as the Project's second advice columnist! She'll be taking your questions on sex, love, gender, and sexuality and telling it like it is every Thursday in her column "Fiercely Fannie". You can check out her column archives here.

Cool! See you all Monday!

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Michael Bedwell | August 31, 2007 1:43 PM

Good to see Nadine in the neighborhood. She wouldn't remember but we met at Equality Forum a couple of years ago through my friend Miami Freedom Democrats president Chip Arndt. For those not connecting the name, or unaware of the story itself, Nadine was the woman of color who was thrown to the ground and arrested by FOUR white cops for the "dangerous crime" of distributing leaflets [they said "people might slip on them; they could cause fires"—I kid you not!] supporting transgender Steve Stanton at a very public lynching by the Largo Florida City Council in, as I recall, February this year.

Stanton had been their highly praised City Manager of 14 years, with three years as assistant city manager before that, until it was prematurely revealed by the local paper that Steve intended transitioning to Susan. One of the city councilors was a proudly rabid homohater so anyone transgender didn't stand a chance despite Stanton's performance approvals, praise from the mayor, defense by one councilman, and public demonstrations of support by some local citizens. Of course, they claimed that, oops, we didn't really like your performance after all, and, though we're not against anyone's "lifestyle," you lied to us and simply can no longer effectively govern. Alas, Stanton decided not to sue [no pun intended].

Charges against Nadine were eventually dropped. I mention her and the cops' races because the Largo police department has a documented history of racism and only a fool would think it played no part in treating her like the cheerleader with a gun.

Florida will unquestionably play a decisive role in the 2008 Presidential election and it will be good to hear from a local activist.

In addition to being thrilled with the inclusion of Nadine Smith (as Michael is above), I am also delighted to see that Herndon Davis will be contributing here a TBP. Herndon has been doing a superb job at NBJC. (Not to mention that he's cute and I'm hot to trot for him. ... Oops! I didn't mention that, did I? Oh, damn! I'm soooo embarrassed!)

Welcome to all three of you ... Nadine, Herndon, and Fannie.