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What does Bilerico mean to you?

Filed By Bil Browning | August 20, 2007 9:36 AM | comments

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One of the questions I get asked often is "What does Bilerico mean?" I give the answer, but I usually ask folks what they think it means... And I get some amusing answers!

So for today's open thread I thought I'd throw it out there for the readers to answer and bounce ideas off each other. What does bilerico mean to you? What is The Bilerico Project?

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(1) "Bilerico" is simply a logo or trademark for this blog, and nothing more ---it's a neologism, because, according to at least, there is no such word in the English language.

(2) I tried to use the "Sign in" link before posting this comment --- and the sign-in screen I got did not recognize my TypeKey username. When I went to, the same username and password worked and called up my profile correctly.

So I think we may have a "Bilerico bug" here.

Help! ... Jerame, help! ... (*histrionically throws back of hand against back-tilted forehead *)

Did you make sure you weren't trying to login with Movable Type? That's the software we use - and it's the first option. You have to click on the TypeKey tab to sign in using TypeKey.

That worked, although I think I tried it before and one of the TypeKey links didn't work. ... Oh, well ... I guess that means fewer clicks if I set up a "Movable Type" account? (What the hell! All these sign-on profiles are free!)

Ummmph! ... Close but no cigar! My comments are still being held for approval.

Oh, well ... I give up!

Your first comment was held for moderation because you weren't signed in. This one posted automatically. In fact, I cruised over to the backend when I got the e-mail about your first comment to approve it. You'd already left this comment - and it was live.

Well, Moveable Type will not accept my sign-on (don't ask) and the tediousness of this thread is getting ridiculous, so let's move on ...

A tiny suggestion: Any chance you guys could squeeze in a "Jump to page:" drop-down list near the top of the home page, so we don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the home page to get to an older post?

Maybe to the right of the "Contact Us" link in the black menubar on the homepage would work?

(Yes, I am nerd enough to know to type in "index.php?page=3" at the end of the URL ... but we're talking user-friendly, here!

Now, can you say, "Allen, you're being a real pain in the ass!" without yelling an expletive and startling the dogs?)